Kenya's Ministry of Prisons has outsourced the training and rehab of all inmates, guards, and ex-cons to Core 300

Discipling Kenya's Fatherless Juvie Boys into Men

30% of the 15,540 Ministers we've trained in the Warrior course have come to faith in Christ for their first time

Our Holistic Helps ministry Train Parents in healthy nutrition, hygiene, and disease prevention

Our Bible League partner provide free Swahili Bibles to all our Prison Warriors

Core 300 is a global, spiritual movement that transforms a man and his family through “Boot Camp” training and holistic application of our three-semester, Scriptures-based curricula. Our evidence-based outcomes have been both surprising and extraordinary–a catalytical, Spirit-led process that sequentially initiates a life-altering “awakening,” followed by the healing of a man’s “Father Wound.”

The metamorphosis compels a man to impact his world as an emerging servant-leader. If married, he moves towards his wife, children, and grandchildren. Ultimately, he moves towards other father-wounded children and adults in his church and community around him as his innate and spiritual talents discover his unique purpose and passion for which God made him:

– A fully adopted son of Father-God

– An “all-in” disciple of Jesus
– A servant-leading husband and father of a newly transformed family
– A courageous and compassionate Warrior for Christ
– An active partner in the ever-expanding Kingdom of Jesus on Earth


Young men in the US commit suicide 5X as often as young women do. The single biggest predictor of suicide for boys is a lack of father involvement.”           — Dr. Warren Farrell, Psychologist and NY Times Bestselling Author of “The Boy Crisis”

Transforming families and communities

one man at a time

Authentic Manhood

The heart–and thus the voice of the Church in modern society grows weaker with each passing year–with only one man versus eight women attending church services worldwide. Why? Overall, its messaging, format, and apparent motivation has missed the hearts of men. At its core, men are looking for someone or something they are willing to die for.

Core 300 and their partners have ignited an awakening of men, and evidence-based field data indicates that sustainable transformation occurs in 94% of families as graduate husbands and dads engage our coursework on authentic manhood and servant leadership.

Prison Rehabilitation

In 2017, Kenya’s Ministry of Prisons chose Core 300 as their nations’ Rehab partners for all of their 104 men’s prisons. Our scope includes training all inmates (55,000), prison employees, and recent e-cons in Kenya.

In 2019 we launched The Warrior in Phase 1 to 10 prisons. By the end of 2020, over 10,000 inmates, officers, and ex-cons had graduated from the Warrior.

2021 brought great reductions in US donor investments due to COVID’s disruptions. Phase 2 is set to begin in January 2022 where we complete launching The Priest into the Phase 1 group of prisons, and The Warrior will be launched into the  20 new prisons along with our first Farms for Life “adoption” of select 40 acre prison farms. Phase 2 which includes 18,000 inmates and 4,000 guards and workers.

Churches & Denominations

Since the diaspora of Millennials from most American churches-–combined with Covid’s ongoing disruptions, Church Leaders are realizing that campaigns of putting more butts in pews is not the answer. Are we ready for an entire new way of ‘doing church’ that, like Jesus, focuses on quality vs. quantity?

As always, we should mourn the loss  of muting the Church’s voice in society, and the judgment God has clearly allowed his children to suffer for our hypocrisy and the rampant self-serving kingdom building among clerical leadership.

We need to drop to our knees to repent–seeking God for clarity to change our ways. Core 300’s outcomes fit the bill to awaken men with fresh and igniting curricula and the processes to serve this end.

Transforming the core values of men in the world

Our polls show—and worldwide, prison populations confirm (men v. female), that somewhere between 80-95% of the all of the evil, destruction, poverty, and suffering has historically been initiated, sustained—even monetized–by men. We believe that Satan’s strategy for the last 6,000 years has been to weaponize men has his Avatar—to destroy all that is good and noble and terrorize the weak. Yet, we resource the victims instead of helping men into their best life. Men are the most unseen and neglected demographic on Earth. Core 300 is changing this today and Kenya as our prototype. How? We have learned how to weaponize men for good.