Did you know that Black women in the US are responsible for 48% of all abortions in America? Were you aware that 67% of all black children and 42% of Latino-Hispanic kids live in single-mom-led homes? In the last days (today) God has shown us how to “turn the fathers’ hearts toward their children. (Malachi 4:5-6).”  Your generous help today can make this a reality for 100s of thousands of children in East Africa,  Los Angeles, and other impoverished Urban communities.


37 recently published megastudies agree that single Dads produce children that are far happier, better educated, more empathetic, less depressed, and less prone to violence, than kids raised by a single moms.  God gave us the curricula and we’ve transformed  36,000 men into godly husbands & dads in Kenya. They went home and transformed their family. Help us break the violence by fixing fatherlessness in our US Urban cities. We know the way.

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