A Movement of God

Movements” of God are where God chooses to launch a strategy and plan of His design from Heaven at the “fullness of time.” He chooses men (Abraham, Gideon, Billy Graham) or women (Deborah, Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa) through whom the Spirit has chosen to work.

These “founders” or founding teams share common characteristics:

  • They have been prepared by God–sometimes for decades–to serve and lead others humbly

  • They have experienced significant suffering–even as Jesus learned obedience through the things that he suffered

  • They are reluctant to step into the arena God has called them to and lead out

  • They are generally without the specific skills and cultural experience  required to lead the mission assignment (Moses)

  • They understand that through God they can do all things, but doubt that “all things” include this assignment for them

  • Once they accept the Holy Spirit’s charge, they give it all that they have–which is not much, so the coach, pray, wait and watch –starting and stopping–waiting to hear God’s direction and “pray in” the funding they need to continue on to what’s next

  • They grow very quickly–by word of mouth, signs, and miraculous wonders–as compared to larger, more successful, and better funded ministries around them

Today over 700 of these movements of God have sprouted across the globe. Over 90% are happening in nations in the southern hemisphere and around the Equatorial developing nations.

Ours began in 2012 when the founder of Core 300 answered a mobile call from a corrupt  “Bishop” to come to Bungoma, Kenya, and lead a ministers conference for over 600 Church leaders. Leaders from 4 nations came to learn how to be transformed as a Warrior.

Core 300’s The Warrior course is a catalytic discipleship curriculum where the dunamis of Spirit of God transformed–“everyman at any time”–into a fully awakened and empowered Man of God, standing in God’s Armor (Eph 6:10-19). Each man experiences his adoption as a son of the Father. Each man is freed of unseen bonds that had compelled him to hide in shame, isolated from good men around him–and from God, and then his heart was captured by the deceptions of this World System and demonic enticement into addictions and false masculinity.

After 3 days of divine visitation and inspired training in our curricula, 100’s of broken men experienced their acceptance through the Spirit of Adoption by Father God. As Gideon destroyed the Baal’s and Asherah in his home town, each man confronted their sins, and were freed from their idolatries–never to return to their wickedness. The breaking of their spiritual bondage to the primeval fear-based Tribal codes, freed them indeed, and they returned to their homes as repentant and humble, changed men.

We know this not only because of the flood of excited tear-filled testimonies of their formerly abused wives and children. We also know because our men conducted over 400 random wives’ surveys which measured the  5  husbanding and fathering behaviors exhibited by godly African men.

“Wherever we go, we find that men are the same worldwide. Like Gideon, almost all men are alone–isolated; as such they hide their true selves behind self-protective false armor, projecting outside the kind of mean they think you will like and respect–even heroically if they can; finally, they feel ashamed of the things they have done–especially in the dark where no one knows”    -Rev. Art Hobba

Our Curricula Trilogy

Today over 35,000 men have graduated from the Warrior course, receiving their first Swahili Bible; 10,000 have continued on by completing the Priest class. To date, 2,500 of these leaders have also graduated from the King course as well.

Experiencing this 12-Session Boot Camp process installs a True North compass which launches and guides his unique pilgrimage–among a Band of Brothers–towards Christ-likeness. The graduation ceremony marks him as a Warrior-Overcomer–among a Band of Brothers–for the rest of his life.

The Priest teaches and demonstrates Servant Leadership, and The King course trains them how to become a “leader-maker,” multiplying himself through mentoring and leadership coaching.

Finally, we endeavor to follow the Warrior course with a half-day class called Farms for Life, which triples the student’s small farm harvest by 300$ in three years!.

R.O.I. (Return on Investment)

Donor & Grantor Investment over 5 years = $680,000

Amount of Donor & Grantor ROI from our SIMBA business training and our FFL  Process = 2,385% (each dollar given increased to 2,385 times)

Average income increase per 9,000 Farmers = $1,722/family and this increases for them every year as their soils are brought back to health!

   1) Spiritual ROI –  (salvations, deliverances from tribalism–reproductive discipleship). Through our process and the Holy Spirit’s empowering of     the Warrior, Priest, King, and our Farms For Life courses

   2) Psychological/Trauma Healing was marked by healed father wounds, forgiveness, healed marriages, and children being loved, fed, and           protected by their fathers’ hearts turning towards them;

   3) Economic and Social ROI have created new Regional wealth of $15,470,250with no cost to the farmer other than love, sweat, and       obedience to Jesus–even as our farmers were surrounded by food scarcity, lockdowns, and social unrest, this return was miraculous! Any 1 of     these 3 dimensions of return on donor investments could only have happened by Divine interventionakin to feeding the 5,000! All glory                 can only go to our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven!


North America

British Columbia – Our first Canadian outpost is in development at a local church near Vancouver, B.C., and among men at a local mission at this time.                    Stay tuned!

East Africa


  Kenya – In 2013, Four US Core 300 Leaders from the USA arrived in Bungoma, Western Kenya, and provided a 3-    Day Warrior Course Conference at a local church.  612 Christian leaders from Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda came,    and the Spirit of God came upon all of us during the first day of the meeting.

  As of 2022–and in the midst of COVID shutdowns–we have trained 35,000 men in the Warrior course-seeing over   14,500 men give their lives to Jesus for the first time! Another 10,000 graduated from the Priest. We were also able    to Certify 140 volunteer Coordinators (40 of whom are Chaplains who completed of the Priest course) who lead          and coordinated some 1,000 conferences.

Kenyan Prisons – In 2016, after training 3,425 Church Leaders in the Warrior course with a volunteer staff of 4 Coordinators, we were approached by three Prison Chaplains, who were certain that our  3 years of discipleship and leadership development was the best fit for a new executive inquiry they had just received, requesting 19 NGOs – including Core 300–to bid on solutions to partner with Kenyan Prison Authority for all 104 male prisons in Kenya. We won the entire contract!  Since 2018, we have partnered with the Bible League and DCPI (Dynamic Church Planting), providing PTSD, Farmers for Life   


Uganda – was a targeted border nation that we had planned to reach in 2025, but the Spirit advanced our timetable to June of 2022 after our new partner, Calvary Chapel’s welcomed and supported our campaign in June 2022 in Entebbe.

This “mother church” was responsible for founding 150 other churches across the nation.The key leaders gathered in Entebbe in late June to go through the Warrior course taught by Core 300 founder and President Art Hobba.

Thus far, we have trained 73 hand-picked VIP Christian Influencers in Lugandan. and our Kenya team launched 36 pairs of newly certified Warrior Coordinators in Fall of 2022.

Just like when Jesus authorized the disciples to do greater things than he had done, We separated the workforce to the four Regions of Uganda–even beyond–into 3 Kampala-based Ugandan prisons and newly planted churches in South Sudan! We have hired a translator team to convert the Coursework of the Warrior, The Priest, and the King into Lugandan, the major language in Uganda. The second most common spoken and written language is English