SIMBA Ventures

Spiritually Invested Money for Business Acceleration

THE SIMBA VENTURES PROJECT is Core 300’s business empowerment program designed to unleash innovation and hard work to create abundance through the pooling of micro-gifts of $50-$200 dollars for pre-qualified business and agricultural innovators in Kenya and Uganda. 


  • Fear, poverty, and corruption oppress families gripped by primeval cultures

  • 75% of humans worldwide live in tribe-dominated nations often hostile to change

  • Broken, men and their families are rising from hopelessness into a new freedom brought about through the power of God working through our curricula Trilogy, and processes.

  • Graduates are free to dream and innovate–and imagine a faith-filled, prosperous future

Simba–the Swahili name for the male Lion became a pilot concept in 2015, where we began researching, educating, coaching, and investing with a few Warrior and Priest graduates who had become volunteer Pastor-Coordinators in the field. As we began rehabilitating inmates, some became Ex-cons and we partnered with one named Nicholas Okiru, below in the purple shirt with his wife and children (rt) and his mentor Alex by his side (lt) 

Above, Alex Achuti (L) Start-up Coach, stands next to Nicholas Ukuru, an ex-Moslem convert to Jesus, and Silvia his wife and kids, all of whom he led to the Lord.    After 6 years in prison for murder, Nicholas was mentored at Busia Prison where he converted and completed the Warrior course. Awaiting his trial for murder, he was miraculously freed!. Reunited, with Sylvia, they became business partners in their new venture.

Simba Ventures is a Spirit-Led model inspired that combines Micro-gifting to trained, assessed, and prepared volunteer Pastor-Coordinators  Our Grantee candidates have been training inmates, civic, and church leaders for us for 2 years or more.

The Program

Western “Grantors” (Core 300 donors) participate in rounds of faith-based venture funding for use in Kenya or Uganda                                     

  1. Psychometric Assessments – inform the vetting process of indigenous men and couples business plans with the highest profitability and talent to succeed
  2. Simba Ventures provides and manages $100 in seed funding for a start-up or existing business–or an entrepreneurial farm.
  3. Upon achieving profitability, Grantees pledge to pay forward 10% of profit to perpetuate the same transformative outcome they have received for other men and teenage boys in their nation.          Ventures are one of several of our in-country sustainability initiatives
  4. Our operating principle: Instead of interest, our Grantees agree to pay forward 10% of their profit to Core 300’s 501c3 in East Africa!

Engage with Jesus and GO with us by giving. Join in the thrill of the entrepreneurial spirit awakening in you and our vetted men in Africa–the most exciting and fertile business market in the World! Start a new business for $100. Start-up 10 for $1,000 or GO with our Team and teach a ZOOM class or coach an entrepreneur from your experience. Email us for details. 

“Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” –Jesus in Luke 6:38

                                     Wycliffe Mudavadi (r) launched a thriving egg business with the help of his son,                                  Daniel. This coup generates about $12 per week in organic free-range egg sales

With Simba Ventures, we bring a unique X-factor. Overseen by a 4-man committee of 1 US and 3 Kenyan Board members, a Core 300 Donor receives a Simba Venture tax-deductible investment of cash, property, or an IRA investment and repurposes the funds based on vetted recipients of a pre-qualified business or farm entrepreneur.                                        

Our Creator was & is the first Entrepreneur!

Engage with Him by giving– experiencing the thrill of the entrepreneurial spirit awakening in our graduate men in Africa–the most exciting and fertile business market in the World! 

Invest with us by starting a new business for $100. Start-up 10 for $1,000

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