The King

The King is the third and final 12 week semester in Core 300’s training series for men. The Warrior course has broken the man’s addictions and idols–including tribal and cultural bondages–and set him upright. He has been connected in authentic masculinity to 2 other close-knit brothers in a Troika.* With locked shields of faith he stands confident–ready to rumble in God’s Armor and able to win over his 3 dimensioned enemy– the World System, the Flesh, and the Devil.

The Priest course has taken the freed Warrior into his “Priesthood” calling, where he learns a new way of leading as a man set aside as a servant leader to his wife and children–and in the workplace. Applying this to his family first, the course trains the man as a prayer warrior, an example of the humility of Jesus–living out servanthood in church and at work.

This 3rd and final 12-week King course** develops the Warrior-Priest graduate into a mentor and leader-maker for life. The transformation occurs as his Troika does in class and field projects–becoming skilled by lecture, application, and in the high adventure of discovering his unique purpose under God.

     Part One: The history and evolution of leadership styles and theory

     Part Two: The Seven Cardinal Virtues and Values-based Leadership

     Part Three: The Six Stages of Leadership Development

     Part Four: Mentoring and Multiplication, Jesus’ Way


After training and developing 34,000 men in Africa, we have learned that a “Tribal Leader” model–based on fear and deceit–is replaced by a humble and authentic man who is learning the high respect and influence that a sacrificial, loving, servant leader has with other men–helping them into their purpose under God. It also makes Jesus the key role model they strive for–not just mimicking the mentor or shepherd. Once the mentee experiences the heart, vision, and joy of lifting others to their highest and best as their purpose, the multiplication of leaders–and the message of the Gospel explodes!

After developing 11,000 Christian men in the US, those completing the 3-part series on the USA, we saw outcomes of family and even whole church transformation. King graduates–armed with a practiced servant’s heart and biblical values-based leadership theory and practice, many created new ‘beyond the walls” ministries. Other grads stepped into volunteer roles–even eliminating the needs for some of the professional staff.

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*A Troika is a group of three that serve one another and the Kingdom by processing lecture breakouts, doing projects, confessing to one another (James 5:16), standing with and protecting one another

**Like the Warrior and Priest courses, the King Conferences in in East Africa are often completed over 2-3 consecutive days