Wives’ Behavioral Surveys

Co-founder of Principle Based Leadership (Core 300 Kenya) Barack Nyongesa with wife Mercy (l) and Family at their farmhouse in Busia County
In the Fall of 2019, we worked with a few of our field-experienced native men and women whose families had been changed through our Core 300 Program. The result was 5 simple Rater Statements that best described the native definition of a virtuous, responsible, African husband, father, and provider.
During our November 2019 trip to Western Kenya, our Board Member’s wives began to administer confidential, live-translated surveys to randomly selected wives of the 35,000 men who graduated from both the Warrior and the Priest courses.
In 2020-21, and again in 2022, and again during Q1 2023, we continued to survey wives of more recent graduates from two groups:
Group A: Wives whose husbands had graduated from the Warrior course only                                                                                                                                Group B: Wives whose husbands had graduated from both the Warrior and the Priest.
Group A and B’s overall improvement ratings varied by 97% from Group A vs. 89% from Group B.
The quality ratios between the “much improved” in Group A vs. the “much improved” in Group B were dramatically different (80.5% much improved vs. 51% much improved) underscored our question of the cumulative power, course by course, for amplifying positive behavioral changes in their husbands.
Comparative data strongly indicated the importance and necessity that both The Warrior and the Priest courses be completed to maximize both the delta of change, and the quality of that change.

Results surprised even the most optimistic of us!

It is clear from the data that these men were not only telling us that their lives had been transformed–but their wives–who rated the 5 rater statements were just as liberal, validating the reduction–or even the elimination of previous toxic, irresponsible, and violent behavior that pre-existed before our training.

                  The Survey Rater Statements                                                                 Before and After

For simplicity’s sake. one survey covers both the before and after delta by asking each graduate’s wife to rate each of the 5 rater statements (l) on a scale of 1 (much worse than before) to 5 (much improved than before)

(R) Rev. Wycliffe and Juliet Mudavadi with their youngest boy, Arthur (1 of 9) “Before the Warrior course, my husband was a Monster. Our bags were packed to leave forever when he came home a healed and loving man”                  – Juliet

Download a full copy of our  Wive’s Survey Report here