Wives’ Behavioral Surveys

The Survey

Co-founder of Principle Based Leadership (Core 300 Kenya) Barack Nyongesa with wife Mercy (l) and Family at their farmhouse in Busia

Beginning in October of 2019, we began to administer confidential and live-translated surveys to the wives of the men who graduated from BOTH the Warrior and Priest courses. Behavioral changes averaged 95.5% improved (15.5%) and much improved (80%) versus behaviors prior to them taking the course.

In 2020, we added another group–those wives whose husbands had graduated from the Warrior course only. Those surveys still yielded significant improvement at 86% overall improvement over the man before the course. Behavioral changes averaged over 86% improved and much improved versus behaviors prior to them taking the course.

This indicates the necessity and real benefits to Kenyan and Ugandan families when both courses are taken by these heads of households.

The Survey Rater Statements

Results surprised even the most optimistic of us!

It is clear from the data that these men were not only testifying of having their lives transformed after completing both courses–but their wives–looking a the 5 key behaviors of a healthy husband and father, were just as liberal, validating the changes to the specific role and relationship-related behaviors which were changed in their own observation.

                          Before and After

                                                                                                     Rev. Wycliffe and Juliet with their youngest boy, Arthur (1 of 9)
For simplicity’s sake. one survey covers both the before and after delta by asking each graduates’ wife to rate each of the 5 rater statements (l) on a scale of 1(much worse than before) to 5 (very much improved than before) from the perspective of change BEFORE the Warrior course, and 1-6 years AFTER they graduated.
To request a copy of our Wives Survey Report, please email us at [email protected]