Holistic Gospel

Jesus’ Gospel of the Kingdom is our Core mission. It means that the promised righteousness, peace, and joy to his followers was the direct result of each person embracing him–and receiving him as God’s incredible gift of salvation by forgiving your sins and becoming a son or daughter of God–and your leader for life.

THE LORD brings with him a Holistic Gospel that transcends conversion into the most amazing adventure! Jesus’ Father adopts you as his own child. God goes out of his way to awaken and fill your spirit with his Spirit, heals your body, and–along with your past emotional wounds, weakness, and brokenness restores your soul one day at a time.

Our first encounters with church leaders in Kenya saw the Warrior course awaken and free them from primeval toxic tribal practices, and then empower them as loving and courageous agents of Jesus to their families. Their transformation went into their church and the business community too. Two other courses followed to train them how to call and equip other men who can do the same.



Jesus wants disciples–or apprentices–not fans, club members, or church-goers. Following him with focus is an all-inclusive contact sport! He did lots of things beyond praying and being wise. He was a courageous champion of Justice, he miraculously fed the hungry, healed lepers and the blind, and raised up quadriplegics. He freed the prisoners and the demonized, and he organized his “A Team” of 12 men to take over the business of his Kingdom to change the world at every level.In fact, he broke every local racial, tribal, and social barrier with his Good News–so much that his followers have been inspired for 20 centuries to give practical aid like he did–as a key part of the message and lifestyle of a Disciple.
At Core 300 our plan was to simply do our best to do the same, and we found many under-served men who were in pain–spiritually hungry for their purpose and identity in life. And we got to meet their wives, parents, and kids–who were also suffering physically, educationally, economically, relationally, and nutritionally. Everyone was hungry for food all the time.
Our US Donors supply 19th-century prisons with supplies of TP, blankets, and soap
Today his Ekklesia–the “called out Believers” known as the Church is commanded and empowered to do the same things Jesus and the early church did. There are many critical needs that never hit the radar of charities, government aid, or NGO’s.
Core 300 has followed the Spirit’s patient leadership to always carry our Core message and our process in our hearts–and yet remember to innovate our love and resources towards the reality of 24-hour hard living, each day. Those are the ones we have been learning and now Prospering, body, soul, and spirit in our journey of faith in Jesus together. We call it the “Holistic Gospel” and the pages ahead will surprise and delight you with how God is creating hope, Joy, and even practical prosperity for our Donors, Partners, fellow Core 300 field workers, and the millions around them who are finding Belonging and purpose in this movement of God.
In 2017, our current Executive Director in Kenya, Barack Nyongesa was pierced in his heart by God’s Spirit to go beyond training ministers
into Holistic ministry beginning with the 2.4 million Kenyan children disabled, yet invisible to government and charities–by the deadly Jigger parasite–in pain and unable to go to school. God spoke to his heart to change their futures.
Barack also saw good men imprisoned for stealing a chicken to feed their family because the soil of his 1-acre farm was depleted. Taking his knowledge as a commercial farmer and as a slave–forced to work long hours in the fields. He initiated the farm training of 140 other Core 300 Coordinators, who trained a total of  16,000 men! Our vibrant Farms For Life program resurrected their farms.  The multiplied harvests from those initiatives have already generated over $20 million in practical wealth for those 8,000 to 9,000 men who implemented their training over the last 5 years!
We saw the emaciated and sickly poor with unbalanced diets bereft of nutrition, and the ignorant with no access to health care, who contracted preventable diseases like Jiggers, year after year, and he assembled teams to go out and conduct healing clinics in the bushes–teaching them, spraying their mud and grass huts, and training them in disease prevention.
Another Core 300 Kenyan leader, Alex, chose another solution: Through the Warrior course, He learned how tribalism prevented innovation–even punishing it! He studied and practiced entrepreneurship.Using his own funds, he tried egg-farming in 2015 and learned the ropes–and the ‘smells’–of success in his 15×20 backyard.
Two years ago, he helped a recent ex-con, Nicholas, who he had mentored for some time. This ex-muslim murderer was one the 1,000’s of ex-cons released into our care. Alex taught him the strategy of using money with the skill of discipline–beginning with a small sum–with coaching–and then guided Nicholas and his wife to create a thriving restaurant. Today Alex leads Core 300 Ventures, using donated investment capital to serve our well-vetted Coordinators. They either present their start-up business plan for a new business or present their plan to multiply revenue for their existing enterprise. Today 50 vetted start-up candidates wait eagerly for US donors to fund the next round.+


Our national rehabilitation contract with Kenya Prison Services has seen 8,000 inmates and 1,650 Staff members transformed through our curricula in 10 West Kenyan prisons since 2019
Over the years of 2017-2020, we moved from providing Christian evangelism-discipleship and leadership development exclusively, to engaging the whole person through Holistic ministry that cares for the body, soul, and spirit of what is now impacting hundreds of thousands of people. Families have new Hope–filled with the love and confidence of Father God and one another. The fatherless are restored to their fathers as the power of 35,000 transformed men began changing the worlds around them. And we are just getting started. We can do much more with your prayers and financial investment into the Kingdom of God on Earth.