The Problem

                                         The Problem

“After 30 years of counseling and working with some of the most broken people in the world, I’ve found that 95% of the inner turmoil, despair, and emotional wounds people carry with them, are the results of one or more wounds inflicted upon them by their father.” 

                         –Chris Hayward, Executive Director, Cleansing Stream International

Today, the world is slowly realizing what is civilizations’ most perilous threat–and the most costly pandemic ever: Escalating Fatherlessness. The ratio of single-mom-led households to those homes with 2 parents, approaches 50/50 in many States (nationally we are the second highest in the world) and is now 70% (#1 in the world) in Kenya! Symptoms of this destructive social phenomenon lie at the feet of 2 institutions and the Women’s Civil Rights Movement gone Rogue.

During the Presidency of JFK, his office became aware that over 24% of all US Inmates were Black men.

This was a gross misrepresentation–and an apparent miscarriage of justice for what was only 5.5% of the general population. Meanwhile, plans were being laid in the South and other States, under the leadership of Martin Luther King to march and protest against the Caucasian-led social, economic, and legal biases against Blacks by a predominantly white-controlled culture.

They were right, of course, to protest and dis so mostly in a peaceful way. But when the Federal government began giving away free money, food stamps, and special vouchers to 15-year-old black mothers! More and more black women took notice that the more babies you had, the more money came in. Over time other programs came in, that placed African American rights, funding, hiring, lowered school admittance quotas, and hiring preferences that placed skin color above competency. In all of this, there was a subtle but clear message sent out to black men: BLACK PEOPLE ARE VICTIMS, “just poor folks–needing assistance because they just can’t get by.” The more sinister–even demon-spawned–the message was that black men were both irrelevant to the family and that Dads brought more trouble than good. By the mid-70’s Black fathers were invisible to the welfare system, except they were hunted down by special law enforcement to pay their alimony and child support to the mothers and kids they left behind.

At the same time, a radical turn took in the women’s movement. They turned away from the Gloria Steinen-led women’s movement which was freedom and civil rights for women focused, towards a me-centered (not family or child-centered), angry-at-men, feminist movement. Women were not just encouraged to try out their skills in the workplace, but were encouraged to find true freedom–to have it their way–through a new legal instrument created by feminist lawyers called the “No-fault divorce.” Millions of stay-at-home moms left their children to find fulfillment in a job, and millions more filed for divorce to be “freed from the burden of making their home a refuge of love and order for their family.”

Within 5 years–by the late ’70s, sellers of everything from cars to bread jacked up their prices, knowing that many households had just tapped into a second income. Inflation, blamed on President Jimmy Carter, rose and stayed at over 15% for years. Housing prices in some major cites were doubling every 2-3 years. Just as the middle class moved to the upper class from 2 incomes, credit cards flourished in sync with the load of personal debt, as all new stressors began to take their toll on everyday people.

It did not take long for these deceived, liberated women began to fall on harder and harder times–a trend that continues today. And their boys all seemed to develop ADHD. Kids got fat because mom was not there and had a hard time saying “no” to their kids. Behavioral and eating disorders flourished as Dad lived far away, often fighting for more custody rights, but did not succeed very often. They were not there to help Mom, nor present to create and sustain the required boundaries for living they were so naturally skilled to sustain.

The fallout was that over 50% of Bavby-Boomer marriages failed and–due to harsh biases against men of all races, 90% of all custody rights were awarded to the mom by heavily lobbied and shamed Judges who bought the lie that /Moms were far superior and safer as a single parent than as a single parent-dad. The result was that between 61-65% of all Millennial children were raised in a father-absent home.

In addition, the Abortion industry, well fueled by our Federal government, grew astronomically for working moms decided that it was THEIR body, not the “fetus” growing in their uterus. 60% of families were deprived of the father living at home. The resultant single moms have born the fallout of extreme fatigue, stress-related illnesses, and the loss of standard of living for some, along with a precipitous fall below the poverty line for many.  They and their children are the victims.

With the median age of most African countries ranging between 15-17 years–Children are half of the 1.4 billion people in Africa–or 700 million.  Westerners assume that Dad is fathering like us, but they do not. The majority of children–even if a man is home–will not acknowledge their child other than in anger. If he wants their attention, their name is by birth order–“Come here #2” or “Do this #6.”
The tribal code prohibits him from speaking their child’s name out loud, lest they are branded as effeminate by other men. The same is true if they do not beat their wives. If a man ever shows tender love, mercy, or affection to his children or wife, the man and his family are ostracized from village life, which can be a death sentence.
The weapon of social shame effectively banishes social, religious, or business enterprises. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the Father-Wound is practically universal. This practiced disengagement multiplies the pain and suffering already caused by a 250% increase in population growth per family–from generation to generation!

Barack Nyongesa(r), his wife Mercy (l), and their 6 children (below) have seen a radical spiritual and economic transformation through Core 300

“Due to the universality of a Primeval Ethnic ‘Code,’ which is still embraced by 85% of African families, there exists a “father-wound” caused by a father’s absence, rejection, or abuse, for the entire population of 1+ billion people in Africa. Fatherlessness–is a daiiy reminder of rejection for each each victimized child–and the trauma changes a developing childs psyche. Fatherlessness has far-reaching, multi-generational spiritual, social, and economic consequences–and is the most powerful influencer that sustains the reality of the Dark Continent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         –Art Hobba, Founder and President, Core 300                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Though our training and mentoring efforts, over 145,000 children have had their father-wound healed in a short 10 years. The last biblical prophecy  by Malachi leaves this message of hope: “In that day, I (God) will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children . . ” read more