The Problem

Why the Fatherless Problem?

“After 30 years of counseling and working with some of the most broken people in the world, I’ve found that 95% of the inner turmoil, despair, and emotional wounds people carry with them, are the results of one or more wounds inflicted upon them by their father.”                                                                                                          –Chris Hayward, Executive Director, Cleansing Stream Ministries

Today, the world is slowly realizing–while yawning in indifference–to what is civilizations’ most costly pandemic ever: Escalating Fatherlessness.The ratio of single-mom-led households to those homes with 2 parents, approaches 50/50 in many States in the US (nationally we are the second highest in the world) and is now 70% (#1 in the world) in Kenya! Symptoms of this destructive social phenomenon, lies at the feet of a misguided, me-centered feminist movement, where some 60% of families were deprived of the father living at home. The resultant single moms have born the fallout of extreme fatigue, stress-related ilnesses, and the loss of standard of living for some, aling with a precipitous fall below the poverty line for many.  They and their children are the victims.

With the median age of most African countries ranging between 15-17 years–Children are half of the 1.4 billion people in Africa–or 700 million.  Westerners assume the Dad is fathering like us, but they do not. The majority of children–even if a man is home–he will not acknowledge their child other than in anger. If he want their attention, their name is by birth order–“come here #2” or “do this #6.”
The tribal code prohibits him from speaking their child’s name out loud, lest they are branded as effeminate by other men. The same is true if they do not beat their wives. If a man ever shows tender love, mercy, or affection to his children or wife, the man and his family are ostracized from village life, which can be a death sentence.
The weapon of social shame effectively banishes social, religious, or business enterprises. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the Father-Wound is practically universal. This practiced disengagement multiplies the pain and suffering already caused by a 250% increase in population growth per family–from generation to generation!

Barack Nyongesa(r), his wife Mercy (l), and their 6 children (below) have seen a radical spiritual and economic transformation through Core 300

“Due to the Primeval ethnic ‘Code,’ which is still embraced by 90% of African families, there exists and almost universal “father-wound” caused by a fathers absence, rejection, or abuse, for the entire population of 1+ billion people in Africa. Fatherlessness–as a well-known trauma to the developing childs psyche, with far-reaching social and economic consequences, is almost universal in the African continent. Thankfully, Warrior course graduates scored: 97% of their hearts being turned towards their children X 28,000 wives X 5 children/women –131,600 children have been bonded to their Dad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           –Art Hobba, Founder of Core 300                                                                                                                                                                                                         
In a short 9 years, over 131,000 children have had their father-wound healed, and had their heart turned homeward with love for the first time. A spiritually awakened and transformed man is bringing his own redemptive transformation in Christ into his family and beyond.

How has it gotten so bad? 

1. Primeval Tribalism

Over 90% of all Africans hold to their ancient, shame-based, misogynistic Code, in which a Father is shamed for showing affection to, or speaking their child’s name out loud!  Dad’s are shamed and ostracized if they play with, or teach their own offspring! In turn, if a man will not beat his wife regularly, he is rejected by other men as effeminate. 70% men in Kenya have abandoned their wives and children. Millions of younger men have forsworn never to marry.
Measured by increases in single-mom households, the pandemic of fatherlessness has been expanding worldwide since the mid-20th Century. Its acceleration has been caused by several factors. In developing nations, the toxic expressions of primeval tribalism–has dealt every child and adult to suffer from whta psychologists cll the Father-Wound.” A spirit of rejection grips the child and multiplies into the next generation. The results of COVID, the Russian War, and 18 years of government and NGO exclusion of men and boys from massive humanitarian and education grants by Westerners have catalyzed an unnatural extinction of fathers, husbands, and grandfathers from Kenyan society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Playtime! Arthur (last-borne #9) and Daddy Wycliffe                                                                                                                                                                                    play together often because of a new heart change                                                                                                                                                                                       he experienced with Core 300 training & mentoring  Symptoms of the “extinction of family” include:
  • 400% increase in Husband and wife homicides–of each other
  • 19 million–70% of all children in Kenya–are fatherless
  • High school fees and sub-poverty levels for single moms is causing an exodus of children in Kenyan Schools
  • 70% unemployment in males 18-35 years-old
  • Men remain single by choice, though are regularly sought after by city women for stud services
  • Sharp increases in alcoholism, drug abuse, and transvestite identity changes by men
  • Violent murders of entire families–followed by dad’s suicide has become commonplace
  • Malaise, rage, and a hopeless despair of males of all ages across Kenya

“In all of my years of ministry, I have never had a course grip my heart and transform my mind as a follower of Jesus. The joy of watching 32,000  ministers,  inmates, and ex-cons experience their own miraculous awakening is impossible to describe!

 –Bishop Vincent Mugun, 60, Core 300 Executive Director, Kenya

2. NGO and Charity Influence and Unwise Government Policy

The accelerator to father-deprivation today is made worse by a combination of unconscionably biased government & NGO investments into women and girls ONLY–forbidding ANY development, educational, business, or healthcare funding for males aged 3 and over.
This policy has been made much worse by well-meaning faith-based initiatives–which have turned billions of US Donor Dollars towards girls and women only as well. This led Gender Affairs departments to kowtow to Grant directives that punished all males while making massive investments in females. Today many developing governments continue to over-fund girls’ and women’s needs in K-12 and college programs, and start-up business grants, while punitively forbidding anything that might benefit any male of any age.   

300,000 orphan street kids in Nairobi, Kenya of all ages follow the older fatherless teenage boys as their father figure, learning crime skills from pickpocketing to murder

Today billions of our children worldwide are raising themselves to adulthood without a 2-parent home.  Hundreds of 1000s in Kenya have neither parent and live under the laws of the streety. Rest assured its resultant debilitating internal psychological trauma–often called the father-wound by psychologists–is evident in the daily newspapers and murder and 5-fold (versus women) suicide statistics worldwide. Whereas a mass-murder-suicide once stunned our nation, the escalation of this unanswered violent crys for help and justice are greeted by a national shrug, with most not even being reported by the media.
  • Wherever you see violence, corruption, power-lust, immorality, vendetta, or rebellion against parents,  you are witnessing the fruits of father-woundedness.
  • It is this writer’s opinion that this wound–if unhealed by the intervention of another older man, is the chief foundation of most of the evil and criminal behavior throughout history.
  • The spirit of rejection invades a child’s psyche by the age of 5 or younger.* seeds future rage, mental illness, and self-loathing in its host. Most will grow into victimizers of other innocents
  • This is why God continually commanded Israel and later, the Church, to heal and protect the fatherless, homeless, prisoners, and the abject poor. He knows and feels the pain of billions of broken hearts every moment and yet his Church does not listen nor seem to care.
The most unsettling yet unseen danger to civilization is the increase in single-mom households–where there is no stabilizing, protecting, providing, or present father in sight.

NGOs in Kenya — Inadvertently Doing Evil While Trying at Good 

“For 18 years, our government [controlled by multimillion dollar NGO and US Grants] directed all aid away from males, 3 and older. We have failed the man and the boy child (teen). Our men are deeply broken–abandoning 70% of Kenyan families. Boys drop out of school by the 4th grade or sooner. After searching for help, I found that there was no NGO in Kenya with a proven method of rebuiulding men and boys like Core 300. It is the only organization we can go to with a proven solution.”

                                                        –CEO of Youth, Welfare, and Gender Affairs, Bungoma County, Kenya

In the last 60 years, NGOs and western governments have providentially supposed they could fix fatherlessness in their own back yard–and has tried to do so in a variety of ways. Yet any results gained by spending 1 trillion+ of dollars (US) at urban-blighted cities, along with armies of well-meaning social workers during this social pandemic of fatherlessness, have been rewarded by dramatically worsening the situation. Yet Democratic party politicians who trust vote-getting, corrupt, inner city Cronies with the money, keep doing the same thing over and over.

In the US, the “investment”  of 750 million federal dollars under the Obama administration was mostly squandered when large sums were stolen by regional politicians, and corrupt innercity ministers, activists, and social workers.

In Kenya, just before stepping down from office, Obama’s State Department released a sum of 250 million USD grant to the recently formed Cabinet Office of Gender Affairs. This time, all of the money had to be directly spent on girls, girls teens, and women–at the exclusion of any human male over the age of 3!

Core 300’s efforts to apply Scripture-based and Spirit-inspired solutions to bring emotional and spiritual transformation into a man’s life through its 3-year Curricula has become the Divine prescription that heals the father-wound, and establishes a new and strengthened identity in a man’s soul: It all begins at the entry of the “Spirit of Adoption” by Father-God into a man’s heart.

Help lift the overburdened mom and become the answer to the cry of African children for a Daddy at the same time. Help us the Man home. Give