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24,000 African Church Leaders find spiritual freedom and discover true manhood with Core 300

Above – In 2018, 245 VIP’s–Bishops and Senior Pastors meet in Nairobi and are transformed at a 3-day Warrior Conference

August 12, 2013 – Without a plan or any missions experience, a team of 4 middle-aged Californian men from Core 300, a US-based leadership development movement for Christian leaders, who had never been to Africa--responded to a mysterious call to come to the Bush of Western Kenya to teach the Warrior Course to Bishops, Pastors and Church leadership teams. 611 men showed up for the 3-day event. 30% of them came to Jesus for the first time.

“In all of my years of ministry, I have never had a course grip my heart and transform my mind as a follower of  Jesus.  The joy of watching 1000s of ministers go through a miraculous transformation is impossible to describe! “

                                                                        Bishop Vincent Mugun and wife Teresa,                                                                          Core 300 Executive Director, East Africa

These men tell of miraculous changes they all share :

  • The breaking of the invisible, demonic cords to primeval culture and its currency of fear
  • Receiving Adoption by our Father-God–and healing of their their “Father-Wound”
  • A clear identity as Son of the Father who is holy and wholly masculine
  • Rebooting of their conscience–and the banishment of shame
  • New HOPE and Courage to navigate to guide them into their purpose under God  

Today, our indigenous-led Bungoma-based operations has outposts in Nairobi and  , Uganda. With 32,000 graduates, we’ve multiplied faster than fundraising can keep up with, making resources a constant challenge. 

Beginning with The Warrior, then The Priest (2), and finally, The King (3) courses.

Their stories of radical, long lasting–even miraculous–change. I happens inside out! News of these changed men are in stark contrast to the critical fallen state men at large have come to. Therefore, the Good News spread from wife to wife, man to men, and churches to a cornucopia of denominations! Villages across Regions through borders to other nations who continue to ask us,     


Interested? Get a sample of our popular Warrior course here.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Below – every Core 300 student receives their own                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         and often his first–Swahili Bible

“When our research revealed–to our surprise–that only 5% of ministers in Kenya owned a Bible in their own language. I determined right then that we would never train a man–pastor, employee, inmate–with our biblical material unless he had his own Bible at his side


                        — Art Hobba, Founder, Core 300