Three Semesters of Transformation

The Lord is with you, Mighty Warrior!”

The Warrior course is founded upon the story of Gideon–who like most men, was isolated, hiding, and disqualified as  a man.  And he is everyman–you and me:

Alone and hiding in the winepress–completely isolated from other men.    Hiding – behind his persona–something men do very well.   Disqualifiedas a man, a husband, a protector, and a father.

The Warrior recruit will learn:

1) The purpose of warfare in your life

2) The peace and confidence that comes by overcoming–winning your inner battles

3) How to confidently stride into a new present, healthy, humble, and courageous in godly masculinity

4) The strength and skills of godly husbanding, fathering, fighting, and at work

5) The three dimensions of warfare that assail us–and how to fight and win over each one

6) The care and use of spiritual, mental, and emotional weaponry

7) A modern soldier’s disciplines

8) The need for a few authentic, loving men in your life. Men that have your 6

9) Field exercises to practice what you have learned the previous week

10) Spiritual authority–speaking words of power, command, gentleness, and love

11) Demolition of idols and demons and the anchoring habits that pin you down. 

12) Team fighting in trust and transparency


Mastering Servant Leadership

“So justice is turned away, and righteousness stands at a distance. For truth has stumbled in the public square, and honesty cannot enter. Truth is missing, and whoever turns from evil makes himself a prey. The LORD looked and was offended that there was no justice. And He saw that there was no man—that there was no intercessor: therefore his own arm brought salvation unto him; and his righteousness, it sustained him.” –Isaiah 59:14-16
Now that your men have been freed as Warriors, and tasted a higher level of self-leadership, what’s next?

The Warrior established that you are now overcoming in most of your invisible battles. You’ve been trained in a locked-shield community of a “911” Brothers. The Priest Course (Year 2) consists of 12 weeks of the transformational training of man into a servant leader* in relation to his wife, his kids, grandkids, church, and workplace.

Two mind-blowing Classic books accompany the course: Prayer is Invading the Impossible by Jack Hayford and, Destined for the Throne by Dr. Paul Bilheimer

Course Highlights

This course calls out and installs the leadership skills needed in the four dimensions of Manhood:

The Husbanding Priest * – Long ago, the Husbandman was the lead Farmer, an expert on his soil, weather changes, the crops, and the threats to the harvest.
The Fathering Priest – Gaining the skills to be the best Dad ever, and having your heartbroken for the Fatherless
The Praying Priest – Learn the 16 kinds of prayer, how to seek, find, and meditate in God, and access the power of prayer in your daily life
The Leading Priest – Growing into a servant influencer by example at work and in ministry to others

Developing Men, Who Develop Others

“Therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit the same to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also.“ — 2 Timothy 2:1-2 (KJ21)

Year three of the Core 300 is a 12-week interactive study for men who have completed The Warrior and The Priest courses. In The King, the Warrior-Priest will learn:

He has been raised in Christ, to be seated with Him in heavenly places far above all rulers and powers–and “he gets it.”
He is winning far more of his invisible battles that he had before
He strives to live as an authentic godly man, regularly meeting with his 911 brothers
He understands–and is learning–servant leadership in his world: home, workplace, and in service to others

Course Highlights

In The King course, he will learn how to be a man who leads–and makes disciples.

The student will learn:
The history of leadership through the ages,; Values-based Leadership; the Seven Virtues, and the evolution of modern, more effective leadership styles
The 4 most popular leadership theories today and the secrets to transformational leadership practiced by Jesus
Biblical and modern Case Studies to identify toxic vs. healthy leadership, and the fruits of both styles
Core 300’s Six Stages of Leadership and how we sit on the timeline of our own leadership style and thinking, again ending in Christ-like comparisons
How to step into leadership, the mentoring-like-Jesus process, and the art of developing other men, including our wife and children
This is where the man begins to discover his calling to leverage the balance of his life for Kingdom purposes–and the secret that enables him to rule and reign with Jesus on earth.

Free Sample Downloads

From the Warrior Master Trainer Manual – for the Bible Study Leader

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From The Priest Master Trainer Manual – for the Leader

Priest MTM Sessions 2A & 2B

From The Priest Field Manual – for the Bible study attendees

Priest FM Sessions 2A & 2B

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The King MTM SAMPLE Sessions 1-2

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The King FM Sessions 1 & 2

‘When we outsource our personal mandate and responsibility to “make disciples” to the professional few, the operational “Church” in its local expression, ceases to exist. ’

–Arthur Hobba

The Core 300 Trilogy is a series of three 12-week sessions: The Warrior, The Priest, and The King are not programmed to “feed me more so I can eat more and know more religious stuff.” Men want to win. . .and they want to act and get their own skin in the game in service to God. The essence of meaning, hidden deep in the noble heart of every man is this question: “What reality–what purpose is worthy enough for me to die for.”

Our Process – Like Jesus’ pattern and process for training the 12 men, and then later the 60 more disciples who were recruited by Jesus and his 12 disciples.

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