Since 2010, Core 300 has catalyzed a global spiritual men’s movement that transforming families on 4 continents. In 2013, our first Africa team, led by our founder Art Hobba, went to Bungoma, Kenya to train 611 African pastors and Bishops. transforms a man and his family through our Warrior “Boot Camp” style training, and a holistic application of our three-semester, Scriptures-based curricula.

Alone, Hiding, and Feeling Disqualified

Our Warrior, Priest, and King Curricula take a typically lonely and isolated man–who has been hiding from himself and others, into a courageous leader who is a present, loving husband, father, and leader-maker in his sphere of influence. man

Our evidence-based outcomes have been both surprising and extraordinary. God’s catalytical, Spirit-led process has been demonstrated to sequentially initiate a life-altering “awakening,” followed by the healing of a man’s “Father Wound,” and the subsequent transformation of his values, marriage, children, and economy.

“Young men in the US commit suicide 5X as often as young women do. Men from 60-80 commit suicide 10X more than women of the same age do. The single biggest predictor of suicide, imprisonment, and depression for boys is a lack of father involvement.”                                                                       

                                — Dr. Warren Farrell, Psychologist and NY Times Bestselling Author of “The Boy Crisis”

In early 2023, we brought our field data and experience to Los Angeles and launched our US-based ministry to Urban fatherless Dads at the 24th Fathers and Family Conference

The metamorphosis compels a man to impact his world as an emerging servant-leader. If married, he moves toward his wife, children, and grandchildren as a provider, coach, and protector.

Ultimately, he moves towards other father-wounded children and adults in his church and community around him as his innate and spiritual talents discover his unique purpose and passion for which God made him:

— A fully adopted son of Father-God

–An “all-in” disciple of Jesus

–A servant-leading husband and father of a newly transformed family

–A courageous and compassionate Warrior for Christ

–An active partner in the ever-expanding Kingdom of Jesus on Earth