Farms for Life

Pre-Famine Alert!

Ukraine’s life-sustaining wheat and fertilizer shipments have stopped shipping–and with no crop in the ground, the war will soon bring death to millions of already hungry poor families in East Africa!

Core 300 will:

1. Work with US emergency food organizations in the regions of Western Kenya and Eastern Kenya to help with distribution to hard-hit areas.

2. We plan to lead the way into our successful, environmentally sustainable, Farms for Life training for 10,000 more poor farm-dependant families.“* NOW to blunt the tsunami of a potentially decade-long severe food shortage in Kenya & Uganda.

NOTE: Since 2016, our 200 native Coordinators have been training a total of 11,000 inmate and church leader farmers through our Warrior course and our wealth-multiplying Farms for Life course.

Since 2017, our Farms for Life course, developed by one of our Kenyan Directors, has been taught and demonstrated to over 10,000 inmates and 6,000 Christian leaders, following the Warrior conference. Harvest Yields have grown to 3X-4X in2-4 years!

  • 80% of all farms in Sub-Saharan Africa feed about the same percentage of families daily

  • High birth rates (5 children per female) leave the father’s estate to an average of 2.5 sons per generation, this creates smaller and smaller plots of land per new family* 

  • Billions in Government farm-Aid and from large NGO’s have little impact in educating or fFarms for Life with Wycliffe 2021unding these farmers

  • Yields and Nutrition have plummetted, leaving no market income to pay for schooling costs, seed, or other essentials

  • Tribal culture closes the minds of men–set against receiving help from the West–but they trust our native trainers

These problems grow worse every year, and there was–until recently–no solution in sight.

Our Solution is Working

Farms for Life is the answer and it is working! A vision from the Spirit came to a Kenyan Board Director of PBL, Core 300’s “daughter” organization founded in Kenya in 2013.
Scores of 1,000s of men have been awakened through “The Warrior” course. Freed from the chains of tribal thinking has released a fearlessness to innovate. Today, we consistently see returns to-fruitfulness averaging 4X yields
Rev. Barack Nyongesa created Farms for Life as a no-cost process that healed 1000’s of these small farms
“Comparing the data from Core 300’s Warrior graduate Wives’ Surveys, which indicates a 94% increase in the work ethic of their husband’s, with the multiplication of harvest yields from our Farms for Life Ministry, Core 300 is not only seeing transformed spiritual lives but transformed family economies as well. Children are back in school with books, a lunch, and a backpack, and our Farms for Life advisory work has enriched and diversified diets to improve health and nutrition!                                                                                                                                                           –Rev. Barack Nyongesa, Director, PBL
Cost of deployment is $3.00 per family. We need $40,000 to create 10,000 organic high-producing farms this year

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