The Extinction of Family

 A 12-year-old orphan boy awaits sentencing at Borstal Prison, Kenya

The growing crisis of fatherlessness is causing the “extinction of Family” in Kenya today. 70% of all children and their moms have been abandoned by the father and plunged into sub-poverty. And the “family leader, provider, and protector” is an endangered species.

The GOOD NEWS is that God is the “Father to the fatherless” and the Holy Spirit has given Core 300 leaders in Africa a data-proven process to sustainably restore husbands to their wives, and fathers to their children–in high percentages.

It cost $12 to awaken, convert, empower, and mentor an African man through our process. Quantitatively,  95% of married graduates with children go home to and transform their family of 7 (Kenyan average).Qualitatively, per the data from confidential Wives Surveys, the men who finish our process sustain and advance their spiritual journey as a follower of Jesus. They also remain a devoted husband, provider, and father. Their transformation sticks.*

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How did this happen?

1. Horrific Government Policy

The accelerator to father-deprivation today is made worse by a combination of unconscionably biased government/NGO investments into women and girls ONLY–forbidding ANY development, educational, business, or healthcare funding for males aged 3 and over. This policy has been made much worse by many faith-based initiatives–which have turned billions of US Donor Dollars towards girls and women only. The Gender-Equality policies mandated by the UN in 2004 were fair–“a win-win for men and women”. However, the punitive implementation by the US Government (Obama), and Leftist Billionaire-funded NGOs (Gates), mandated that the Kenyan Ministry of Gender Affairs kowtow to grant directives that punished males while making massive investment into females. Today they continue to over-fund girls’ and women’s needs in K-12 and college programs, start-up business grants, and properties while punitively forbidding anything that might benefit any male of any age.   

2. Primeval Tribalism

In addition to punitive Grant policies, over 90% of all Africans are being strangled by the ancient, mysoginystic Tribal Code, which shames a Father  for showing affection or speaking their child’s name!  Dad’s are shamed and ostracized if they play with or teach their own offspring! In turn, if a man will not beat his wife regularly, he is rejected by other men as effeminate. After 18 years of public male discrimination by government and Christian charities, 70% men in Kenya have abandoned their wives and children. Millions of younger men have forsworn to never marry.
Measured by increases in single-mom households, the pandemic of fatherlessness has been expanding worldwide since the mid-20th Century. Its acceleration has been caused by several factors. In developing nations, Primeval Tribalism–in its toxic expressions–has forced–a multigenerational fear-based chasm between fathers and their own children. In Africa, virtually every child and adult suffer from the Father-Wound” of rejection–which multiplies into the next generation. The results are the general extinction of family in Kenya.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Wycliffe and his boy Arthur (last-borne #9) play                                                                                                                                                                                              together often because of the heart change he                                                                                                                                                                                                          experienced with Core 300   Symptoms of the “extinction of family” include:
  • 400% increase in Husband and wife homicides–of each other
  • 19 million–70% of all children in Kenya–are fatherless
  • Sub-Poverty Levels for single moms is causing huge Primary School dropouts due to lack of funds for school fees
  • 70% unemployment in males 18-35
  • Men remain single, though are regularly sought after by young women for stud services
  • Sharp increases in alcoholism, drug abuse, and transvestite identity changes by men
  • Violent murders (of all family members) with suicides by dads and husbands has become commonplace
  • Malaise, rage, and hopeless despair of males of all ages across Kenya

“In all of my years of ministry, I have never had a course grip my heart and transform my mind as a follower of Jesus. The joy of watching 32,000  ministers,  inmates, and ex-cons experience their own miraculous awakening is impossible to describe!

 –Bishop Vincent Mugun, 60, Core 300 Executive Director, Kenya


Over 300,000 inner city fatherless boys, teens, and young adult males live on the streets in gang-led “family” communities in Kenya

With the median age of most African countries ranging between 15-17 years–Children are half of the 1.4 billion people in Africa–or 700 million.  Westerners assume the Dad is fathering like us, but they do not. The majority of children–even if their Dad is home–do not acknowledge their child other than in anger. If they say their name is by birth order. The tribal code prohibits him from speaking their child’s name out loud, lest they are branded as effeminate by other men. The same is true if they do not beat their wives. If a man ever shows tender love, mercy, or affection to his children or wife, the man and his family are ostracized from village life, which can be a death sentence.
The weapon of social shame effectively banishes social, religious, or business enterprises. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the Father-Wound is practically universal. This practiced disengagement multiplies the pain and suffering already caused by a 250% increase in population growth per family–from generation to generation!

We have a God-Inspired–and data-proven– Antidote!

After graduating 32,000 men from the Warrior course–and many more finished the Priest and King  course afterward, the Survey was a joyful affirmation to us all: The Confidential Wives’ Survey of East African indigenous ministers’ wives, consistently reported that their graduate husband was a NEW MAN! He was not only spiritually awakened, but the healing of their own hearts–torn by their own father-wound, was healed as well. They attested that our revolutionary process also healed their children, AND increased family income. The the fear and bondage of toxic Tribalism itself was broken!
Each graduate’s experience of identifying with Gideon (Judges 6-8), a war-torn impoverished tribal farmer–isolated by shame and disqualified from significance by a mass-murdering father, had been hand-selected and adopted by Father-God. This high-contrast opportunity under Heaven is available today to billions of tribal boys, wives, men, and girls. over 40,000 men have thrown open the doors of their hearts to become God’s beloved sons and are now freed to truly love, provide for, and cherish their wives, children, and community!

Will you partner with us? We need $20,000 per month to print the manuals* and send out trainers by year-end. The prisons yearn for Phase 2 to begin. Letter of access are in our hands to train 10,000 men in the next 3 months. Planning has been done–venues arranged for another 7,500 ministers and church leaders call us daily to come. The hunger for freedom is palpable–they have heard the stories and our 100 Coordinators want to go.

The whole process stops without manuals for our volunteers to go. Help us begin the miracle process of Family healing. Please help these impoverished women and children with your generousity.

Do the math:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A $10 gift = 1 Trained man = 1 Healed Marriage + 5 “Fathered” and loved Children + 94% rise in Income per family of 7 $1,000 saves and transforms 100 men who go home to heal their broken marriage, and begin to BE a father for the first time to his 5 kids.

The Book of Malachi ends by speaking to the miracle of returning fathers in the End Times. . .

“And He (God) shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers . . “
— Malachi 4:6

This prophecy has been activated now in Kenya, but inconsistent and decreased donor funding has fallen off 70% since COVID, stifling our ability to respond to 19 million Kenyan children. Go with us by praying and giving.

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* Survey results remain consistent for up to 7 years from graduation, which is the beginning the program

**Training manuals are required for us to do our seminars. Upon graduation, each man receives a Certificate AND their own, new Swahili Bible                            from The Bible League, our ministry partner. Due to a staggering 300% increase in our printing costs this year, they now represent 60% of our                        annual budget. These 8.5X11, 65-page books are treasured by each man. Each contain rich passages of Scripture, the training, and follow-                                  up assignments into the next course as they continue in their walk as a disciple with Jesus

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