Fatherless Men

Fatherless Men in Los Angeles are similar to those in Kenya

For the last 70 years, Los Angeles has drawn the attention of the world stage as the epicenter of African American struggles. From freedom-hindering white racism to anger-infused, destructive riots, the nation watched the saga of injustice, and retribution played across the Media for decades.

Just as we have seen God use our training and mentoring program to heal and empower African men to overcome colonialism, racism (inter-tribal), poverty, and systemic Tribal Code, we believe that if we can dialogue with and equip key African American social and religious leaders in L.A. communities.

It has been estimated that the total governmental investment to fix our Urban communities over the last 70 years has eclipsed 1 Trillion tax-payer dollars. Yet, what has been the overall impact? To measure the overall success of this can best be represented by one of the driving data points that initiated governmental intervention

Our prison system. In 1964, mostly white politicians became sensitized by Civil Rights protests and became alarmed that, in a nation where Blacks represented 13% our population, our male prison populations were over 24% Black.South

Central L.A.Bloods–Gangs terrorize families without a present Dad
By 2010 that number was 2,306 per 100,000 people, as compared to 3,704 for all other races combined, or 37% of the total (6,016/1000). Factored by percent of the whole population, 37% of 100 men in prisons came from 13% (currently) of our populace. “Equity” would have been 13% of 6,016 inmates/100,000 or 782. Outside of accusations of rampant racial profiling, and a conspiring Federal government seeking to actively enforce the disruption of Black families, sustain their poverty and undermine their healthcare and education, two factors differentiate the Black man in Urban America from other men in our general population:
1. The MOST Fatherlessness – though more Black Dads are becoming more active in their biological children’s lives, only 37% see their children once per month or more.
2. Black Men kill Black Men – Gang-percolated Black-on-Black homicide rates have typically exceeded ratios of 15:1 vs per capita rates for other races in the US. But the recent escalations in gun homicide have devastated Black communities.
The gun homicide rate for young Black boys and men ages 10 to 44 rose 43% from 2019 to 2021. Importantly, while gun homicides predominately impact Black men. Gun homicide rates for Black women and girls rose 78% from 2019 to 2021                                                                                                                                                                                            (https://giffords.org/lawcenter/memo/gun-violence-in-black-communities/)

In 2013, Core 300 inadvertently discovered a cure to fatherlessness, corruption, and domestic violence in Africa. Our proven process healed what had been poisoning men and families for millennia. . .

98.9% never beat their wives again* and instead “had treated them with kindness”; 97% turned their hearts towards, and began loving their own children; 94.5% doubled down on their work ethic and lifted the yoke from their wives with average increases in household income                                                                                                                                            of 300% **



                                                                              Let’s do the Math                                                                                               

Your $12 gift = 1 Transformed Man + 1 Loved and Healed Wife + 5 “Fathered” and loved Children  +  94% rise in work ethic per man

Your gift of $120 = 10 Transformed Men + 1 Loved and Healed Wife + 5 “Fathered” and loved Children  +  94% rise in work ethic per man             = 10 families of 7 are transformed into disciples!

Your gift of $1,200 = 100 Transformed Men + 1 Loved and Healed Wife + 5 “fathered” and loved Children  +  94% rise in work ethic per man

Your gift of $12,000 = 1,000 Transformed Men + 1 loved and healed Wife + 5 “fathered” and loved Children  +  94% rise in work ethic per man       

400,000 inner-city fatherless children and teens live on the streets in gang-led “family” communities in Kenya


Will you partner with us? We have over 150 men ready and certified to go. We have trained and developed 8 in the L.A. Area to lay down the foundation for a new work here in our back yard. But, to print the manuals we need an additional $10,000 per month in donations. 
Dates are set this Spring to Launch Core 300’s Warrior Course at the  Fathers and Family Coalition Conference at LAX, beginning April 24-28.  In Africa, we are targeting another 6,500 church leaders, bringing our goal for 2023 to almost 18,000 men awakened, trained, and returned to their communities and back into their wives and childrens lives. Their hunger for freedom is palpable. We stand on the precipice of breakthrough that is shaping nations–quite possibly even ours.
Begin your own adventure into the significance. Help us heal the father-wound in these broken-hearted, depressed and angry men.                                                                                              

“And He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers . . ”  — Malachi 4:6

ATTENTION! All church missions, club, team, business, or non-profit Leaders!

Are you a church, club, team, business, or non-profit leader or mobilizer? How exciting it could be to partner with us to transform a Village and to see Dad’s reunited with their families? We can help you create the perfect fundraiser for your group, club, or church. What about inviting your group to come, see, and meet them? Do a service project, or share a common meal together? Send your inquiries to contact@core300.org or call us at 818.324.5720.
* Survey results remain consistent for up to 7 years from graduation (when we began)

700 Inmates at Kakamega Prison joyfully                show their own Warrior Field Manual

 **Training manuals are required for us to do our seminars. Upon graduation, each man receives a Certificate of Completion AND their own, new Swahili Bible from The Bible League, our ministry partner. Due to a staggering 300% increase in our printing costs this year, These 8.5X11, 65-page books are treasured by each man. Each contains rich passages of Scripture, the training, and follow-up assignments into the next course as they continue in their walk as a disciple of Jesus

Click to learn the evil strategy that is driving 70% of Kenyan Dads away from their wife and kids


*The other 2% rarely struck his wife again. It is required by the Primeval Code of African culture to beat your wife regularly to prove to the men and the women that he is not “effeminate”      **A Father does not learn the names of his children for the kids BELONG to their mother. Any affection shown–even speaking their name in public, is judged also as an effeminate act. They refer to their children by birth order: #2, #6, etc.