The Extinction of Fathers


The growing crisis of fatherlessness is causing the “extinction of Dads (and husbands) in Kenya today. 70% of all children and their moms have been abandoned by the father/husband and plunged into sub-poverty. It is so common that the remaining 30% of “fathers, providers, and protectors” are an endangered species.

The GOOD NEWS is that this area is God’s specialty–God is the “Father to the fatherless”

1. The Holy Spirit has patiently taken on Jesus’ handoff, for he came to “show us the Father.”

The Spirit has been teaching and training us at Core 300 his secret sauce for 10 years. Kenya is our prototype, and it is working wondrously! With a stable of 150 volunteer native pastor-coordinators at our 65 training centers–they go out two-by-two and transform men into loving husbands, nurturing fathers, and bread-winners. They seek broken men.

So far they have awakened, empowered, and developed 32,000 Kenyan men. These servant-leaders started at home first, then, like Jesus and his 12, they understand the hopes and dreams–disappointments and heartbreaks, of men who have given up and walked away from family–even their own inherited farm–for oblivion in a bottle.

For 18 years, Kenyan society influenced by colonial NGO’s and governmental greed has unknowingly poisoned the ground underneath the male of our species, including boys of 3 and up. Many could no longer stand on their own. But, the Warrior Course changed everything as Jesus came into each one– affirmed their value as a man, adopted as a son of Father-God, and gave them the skills and understanding of how to overcome the evils they had run from. Each man learns to win with 2 other Warriors in their Troika–as their support group for prayer, confession, and a watchman for each other’s soul.

2. Check out the Data – months and years after these men went home, our women went and surveyed the wives anonymously and captured the miracle of behavioral change in their husbands,  Interviews with family and testimonies synced together into a profound story of hope for Kenyan families. An Antidote emerged to heal what was poisoning Kenyan men. The fear and bondage to the primeval Tribal code was broken. 97% never beat their wives again* and treat them with kindness; 97% turned their hearts towards and began loving their own children; 94.5% doubled down on their work ethic and lifted the yoke from their wives**

 “I had lost hope and direction completely in my life. As a father of three and I abandoned them all because my farm had failed. I had nowhere to turn for guidance and had almost losing hope in life. Then I attended the Warrior course, and I went home and turned my life round completely.”                                                                                                                                        –Pastor Stephen Wesonga

2. Harvest-Booms lift Micro-economies — 70% of all Kenyans and 85% of Ugandans make their subsistence from “smallholder” farms. Most have leeched the soil of their inherited farm from nutrients, producing meager harvests. Economic boons from our organic farm training have freed over 6,000 families from poverty through our Farms for Life course. Within 3-4 years of consistently mulching and resting overworked parcels, our farmers realize 300% or more increases in harvest yield. All of the organic waste was right on their property all along!

3. Despairing, isolated men yearn for a Savior. Today we turn away 29 of 30 men who try to join a class because we have no Manuals.

4. Investing $12  shelters, converts, trains, equips (Manual +Swahili Bible), and mentors one African man for 3 days through our transformation process.

5. Quantitatively95% of graduates with children return home & transform their family as fully engaged husbands and Dads

6. Qualitatively, data from 366 confidential Wives’ Surveys over 3 years, reveal that men who finish the Warrior and Priest courses, advance into their spiritual journey as a lifelong followers of Jesus. They also become a devoted husband and father, with 94% of the surveyed men working harder to provide in a culture where men work very little.

                                                                                Let’s do the math                                                                                               

Your $12 gift = 1 Transformed Man + 1 Loved and Healed Wife + 5 “Fathered” and loved Children  +  94% rise in work ethic per man

Your gift of $120 = 10 Transformed Men + 1 Loved and Healed Wife + 5 “Fathered” and loved Children  +  94% rise in work ethic per man             = 10 families of 7 are transformed into disciples!

Your gift of $1,200 = 100 Transformed Men + 1 Loved and Healed Wife + 5 “fathered” and loved Children  +  94% rise in work ethic per man         = 1 whole Kenyan Village of 700 is transformed into disciples!

Your gift of $12,000 = 1000 Transformed Men + 1 loved and healed Wife + 5 “fathered” and loved Children  +  94% rise in work ethic per man       = 10 whole Kenyan Villages or 7,000 Kenyans are transformed into disciples!!

400,000 inner-city fatherless children and teens live on the streets in gang-led “family” communities in Kenya


Will you partner with us? We have over 150 men ready and certified to go. But, to print the manuals we need an additional $20,000 per month in donations. Prison Wardens and Chaplains yearn for Phase 2 to start. In federal prisons, doors are open for us to start next week our 10-session course for 5,000 inmates but all is on hold because the upfront manual cost of $4.10 each all happen on day one of all conferences.
Dates are set this Fall to also train another 6,500 church leaders, bringing our total for 2023 to almost 18,000 men awakened, trained, and retuned home. Their hunger for freedom is palpable

“And He (God) shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers . . ”  — Malachi 4:6

ATTENTION! All church missions, club, team, business, or non-profit Leaders!

Are you a church, club, team, business, or non-profit leader or mobilizer? How exciting it could be to partner with us to transform a Village and to see Dad’s reunited with their families? We can help you create the perfect fundraiser for your group, club, or church. What about inviting your group to come, see, and meet them? Do a service project, or share a common meal together? Send your inquiries to [email protected] or call us at 818.324.5720.
* Survey results remain consistent for up to 7 years from graduation (when we began)

700 Inmates at Kakamega Prison joyfully                show their own Warrior Field Manual

 **Training manuals are required for us to do our seminars. Upon graduation, each man receives a Certificate of Completion AND their own, new Swahili Bible from The Bible League, our ministry partner. Due to a staggering 300% increase in our printing costs this year, These 8.5X11, 65-page books are treasured by each man. Each contains rich passages of Scripture, the training, and follow-up assignments into the next course as they continue in their walk as a disciple of Jesus

Click to learn the evil strategy that is driving 70% of Kenyan Dads away from their wife and kids

*The other 3% rarely struck his wife again. It is required by the Primeval Code of African culture to beat your wife regularly to prove to the men and the women that he is not “effeminate”      **A Father does not learn the names of his children for the kids BELONG to their mother. Any affection shown–even speaking their name in public, is judged also as an effeminate act. They refer to their children by birth order: #2, #6, etc.