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Our MotorWings Fleet consists of 8 Honda 125 4-stroke motorcycles provided by Donors in the USA. Our most recent addition was a long-waited for bike for our Deputy Director in Uganda.

We also use local busses for longer trips. Since we implemented MotorWings in 2017, our ministry effectiveness and activities tripled in 36 months! Yet, our increased reach has only been exceeded by the continuous growth and the larger geography we must cover.

“With 7 Honda’s and our rain gear, we can go anywhere to serve pastors, prisoners, and kids with Jigger plague and carry our supplies–God bless you who have given us Wings to do our work!” — PBL Director Barack Nyongesa

Each MotorWings System includes:

1 Honda 125, 2 Helmets, 2 sets of full-body raingear, boots, built-in storage containers — Total Cost = $1,500

In late 2020 we expanded our field operations previously overseen by 7 Cluster Leaders to 10. but with COVID closing borders and hearts in the US, our three new leaders remain without their Honda. This impairs their much-needed leadership in the field

Adding 3 more Hondas will allow us to serve the rising number Jigger’s Victims, conference expansion to 25 per month, and continue our Holistic Helps ministries.

We need 3 more Bikes NOW. Can’t afford $1500/bike? See below for some fun group ideas!


The rivers of God is flowing like a mighty stream–and the harvest fields are heavy with ripeness. We have 160 trained pastor-coordinators ready to go, but, more than ever, we need partners to invest in our MotorWings to transport our men, Bibles, and healing supplies into the Bushlands where disease and famine threaten.

A new MotorWings Honda 125 equipped with 2 helmets, 3 on-bike luggage bags, and 2 full suits of rain gear is just $1,500.* You might want to buy one right off!

For many of you, this will require a little prayer, effort and imagination!

Here are a few FUN ideas that might just light that spark in your heart that says, “I can do this!”

  • Go on a JIGGER-HONDA SAFARI! - Cure 1000 children crippled by Jiggers, and 2 Honda’s for Christmas for $9,000
  • Men's ministry - get your motor on and have 30 guys to buy 1 Bike for $50 each for their Brothers across the Pond!
  • Pitch your church Missions Director and talk about "Adopting" us next year or raising funds with your local church during your Fall Missions month.
  • Have a family meeting, and decide to cut back (or cut out) gifts for Christmas, do a mega garage sale or fundraise online, and transform 1,000 lives with a new $1,500 Honda 125
  • Make us your company's Target Charity this Fall and raise a Toyota MiniVan! Go international with a corporate, Rotary, Key, Lions Club Annual Fundraiser!
  • What about a your Fantasy Football league, Fire Station, or sports team?  Share the pot 50/50 with Corfe 300 and get more participants! Spread your campaign through your kids and social media?
  • Pick up the "Diamonds at your feet" and catalyze your Women's ministry, Youth or Singles group, and cure 100 kids of Jiggers for $600 or cure 300 for $1,800!
  • Come and See! Step up into a Core 300 Bush expedition with a non-traditional missions adventure of a lifetime? Afterwards, go experience the world’s greatest Safari, in the Masai Mara.





1/5 of a Bike


1/2 of a Bike