Kenya (continued)

2. Check out the Data – months and years after these men went home, our women went and surveyed the wives anonymously and captured the miracle of behavioral change in their husbands,  Interviews with family and testimonies synced together into a profound story of hope for Kenyan families. An Antidote emerged to heal what was poisoning Kenyan men. The fear and bondage to the primeval Tribal code was broken. 97% never beat their wives again* and treat them with kindness; 97% turned their hearts towards and began loving their own children; 94.5% doubled down on their work ethic and lifted the yoke from their wives**

 “I had lost hope and direction completely in my life. As a father of three and I abandoned them all because my farm had failed. I had nowhere to turn for guidance and had almost losing hope in life. Then I attended the Warrior course, and I went home and turned my life round completely.”                                                                                                                                        –Pastor Stephen Wesonga

2. Harvest-Booms lift Micro-economies — 70% of all Kenyans and 85% of Ugandans make their subsistence from “smallholder” farms. Most have leeched the soil of their inherited farm from nutrients, producing meager harvests. Economic boons from our organic farm training have freed over 6,000 families from poverty through our Farms for Life course. Within 3-4 years of consistently mulching and resting overworked parcels, our farmers realize 300% or more increases in harvest yield. All of the organic waste was right on their property all along!

3. Despairing, isolated men yearn for a Savior. Today we turn away 29 of 30 men who try to join a class because we have no Manuals.

4. Investing $12  shelters, converts, trains, equips (Manual +Swahili Bible), and mentors one African man for 3 days through our transformation process.