God’s up to some extraordinary things that really matter–so tell it!


is an established, entrepreneurial, and virtual organization with a US Team of 1 employee (Founder Art Hobba). 6 active Board Members–and Advisors, carry key responsibilities along with a few outsourced experts to get things done efficiently stateside. Our Pilot Program in Kenya-Uganda is led by 7 Operations Board Members and another 190 volunteer, certified Field Coordinators. 

  • Transforming the lives of over 200,000 family members in 8 years:
    • Wives who now have a loving Husband who no longer beats them
    • A fully engaged Dad playing with, teaching, and disciplining his kids
    • A better breadwinner who makes more, and works hard for them
    • Measured behavioral changes 95.5% better/much better men through 400 Wives’ Surveys
  • Created a robust National working model for rehab and re-entry of an entire nation’s 65,000 inmates and 25,000 employees
  • Reversing Fatherlessness in their sphere of influence

The last 4 years of 500% growth of this movement has exceeded our ability to keep up– we need Web Nijas–from High School Tech Geeks to Facebook Grandmas to give a couple of hours each week to God to help us get the word out via the web

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