0  0  0 There is a new-old theme being recirculated into the psyche of Evangelical and Charismatic Believers these days.Michael W. Smith’s recent song says it all, “This is how I fight my Battles” – aka, GOD will fight my battles–through praise and worship–preferably with a large group of other Christians. Sing it again, and then again–and then hope that it is true.But most of the time it is not. Of the hundreds of battles that occurred in Scripture and those not even mentioned, we have one Old Testament story where the singers went out in front of the Army, and the enemy was routed by God. AND it is an awesome story! But it is NOT the norm in Scripture–far from it.

If God wanted us to stand still and pray for escape, or sing songs–letting Him fight all of our battles–as many modern songs and ministers might wish–then why were almost all of the righteous battles in Scripture fought BY MEN (and sometimes a women or two) in the “Name of Yahweh”? And if you’ve swallowed the even lamer lie that “the invisible battle over Satan is over–done, finished on the Cross–so you need to fight no more,” then why did Jesus only WOUND Satan, when he seized the Keys of Death and Hell, instead of killing him? Was the resurrected Jesus too tired–too weak?? Maybe it was an oversight, like when you leave the restaurant without your keys. NO!! Jesus left Satan robbed of his authority over death, but He only wounded him on purpose–and it left our enemy very much pissed off at the Church! Therefore the only conclusion we can come to is that God WANTED the Enemy to attack us to make us STRONG, like his Son. Just like God did with Job.“He who would have Peace, must be prepared for War” – VegetitusWhy did David, the consummate Warrior-King with a heart like God’s, have to slay Goliath, and then fight on and win scores of battles in God’s Name? Why didn’t God send in the singers each time? And why would Paul exhort us–telling us that OUR mighty weapons are for US to pull down Strongholds of Darkness (2 Cor 10:4-6)?And why would Jesus call those in His Kingdom “Violent Ones who seize the Kingdom by force” (Matt 11:12) if we were to simply sit and pretend that there is no battle–or that Christ will always step up and bail you out. Just because it is easier to delegate all of your battles to Jesus, doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. He looks for men and women today who will lean into the darkness like a lampstand dispels the dark. It requires a chip on your shoulder against the one who has robbed, killed and destroyed. So God invites to partner WITH Him, not to stand on a popular, passive, but false belief that faith is cowering in the corner. It’s time for us–for men of faith–to man-up spiritually.

  • To WATCH–WHY? for DANGER to you and your loved ones and your church. Don’t be put to sleep with false doctrine that perpetually set you up to get caught with your pants down.
  • To PRAY–with authority, showing the way to your wife and kids–and the younger nen you are mentoring
  • To FAST like Jesus, the disciples and Paul did (often) with prayer to see God breakthrough a demonic barrier, or a national crisis.
  • To SET YOUR HEART on invading a place in your World where Darkness has invaded souls, and broken and bound prisoners of war, and set a group strategy to go get’em.

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