Warrior Course Begins to Empty Kenya Prisons!

New Agreement to Partner . . .

NAIROBI August 30 – After a warm conference call with the International VP of PFI, Rae Wood, she connected us to PFI’s Kenyan Rep in Nairobi right before we got on our flight from Los Angeles! The ensuing dinner we had together showed strong affinities and shared goals between Core 300 and PFI in Kenya, where together we are much better than alone. In addition, PFI is the premier and only prison ministry bringing spiritual rehabilitation at a truly international level, and Core 300 is honored for the privilege to enter into the field with their help. We agreed to begin joint collaborations                                                                             this January 2022.

Warrior Course Begins to Empty Kenya Prisons 

KAKAMEGA September 5 – During our second week, we went into Kakamega County and stopped at Borstal Juvenile Prison. inmates–all of whom had never heard of the Warrior course. When COVID caused the government to (justly) release 15,000 Kenyan inmates in April of 2020, 348 of 390 Borstal inmates were sent home early from their 3-year sentence because of good behavior- their hearts and minds had been changed by Jesus.
Because they are minors, we can not show their faces, but they are all happy! On this day on September 9th, 14 new boys surrendered their young storm-tossed lives, repented, and embraced a NEW LIFE as a follower of Jesus! They had just heard from Founder-Author Art Hobba how David, a boy about their age, was trained by Father God in the “bush” country of Bethlehem–exiled to watch sheep away from his family. They learned that, like David–who had pursued God’s heart–each of them had a destiny–dreamed of by God–as a mighty leader one day
(Continued) Similarly, our ten Phase One men’s prisons are showing recidivism rates, which typically run between 60-75% dropping to single digits when they have been taught the Warrior course while incarcerated!
This observation came from one of the 3 Chaplain Supervisors, who direct 185 of the 450 Chaplains and oversee 30 Kenyan prisons, have partnered with us to implement and collaborate with our Phase 2 Rollout from the inside–regardless of lockdowns! After the each completed the final King course 3 weeks ago, the officer overseeing the ten Phase One prisons told us:

“Knowing of so many 1000s of inmates have been transformed through the Warrior and the Priest courses–and how many have been reunited with their families through Core 300 Sanctuary Churches, we believe God has chosen us to bring this program to all inmates in our regions and ultimately, our nation. We say this knowing it will cause the emptying of our prisons–which means each of us will ultimately be put out of our jobs”   — Lieutenant Benard Wanyonyi

3.  KITALE PRISON September 17: We come bearing Gifts!
Our African Prison Team and Coordinator Chaplains invited Core 300 Development Director Stan Gerlach to speak, and over 50 inmates and guards gave their lives to Jesus! At the end of the event, Boxes of gifts were carted in for the inmates–including a bar of soap, 1 roll of toilet paper, and an orange. These gifts, given by one of our Donors, delighted the hearts of all as many had gone without these basic things since the onset of COVID 18 months earlier.
Costs for these were $400 for 300 inmates. Yet Most Kenyan prisons have between 750-1250 inmates. This month we enter another 4 more facilities for Warrior or Priest training for guards and inmates. Can you GO with us by helping these good, yet profoundly deprived men by adopting 1 Prison per month (averaging 900/mo) for 12 months? One month? How about your extended family or small group or church.  Contact us for more info or go here to give.


4. Good news for Ex-Cons
Our Wives Surveys continue to validate that men who graduate from the Warrior course are transformed as husbands, fathers, and work productivity!We’ve continued to take random anonymous surveys to wives of over 500 church leaders when their families gather for Warrior class graduations. Using 5 rating statements, the Wives’ Survey consistently indicates that their men have been transformed. as husbands, fathers, and providers between 89-99% of the time! *
Thank you again for GO-ing with us.
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So Others May Live!
Art Hobba, President and Founder
 * email us for a copy of the 2-page Wives’ Survey Summary