Spiritual Transformation = Economic Transformation 

To create wealth through the pooling of microloans of $50 -$500 dollars is not a new one. But one of the fun things we have to do in East Africa is to “find a better way” to do things than the status quo. Piloted since 2017,  Core 300 Ventures educates, coaches, and invests into entrepreneurial candidates our Core 300 leadership courses–mentoring men and older teenagers in starting a business.

See our Ventures page to learn more on how to take their idea and create leverage to multiply money, health, and joy as good stewards for their families and then seed it back into God’s Kingdom. Email us at Ventures for more information.

For the last 5 years, we have merged ancient biblical principles, and best-practice-based entrepreneurial methodologies, to empower our Pastor-Coordinators in the field and ex-cons who are being restored at our Sanctuary Churches.

Core 300 Ventures Process – An Spirit-actualized model built on Luke 6:38:

  1. Western Donors participate in rounds of faith-based funding for use in adeveloping nation like Kenya or Uganda
  2. Market-research-based indicators inform the vetting process of indigenous men or women business plans with the highest profitability and talent to succeed
  3. Core 300 Ventures provides and manages $100 in seed funding for a start-up or existing business–or an entrepreneurial farm.
  4. Grant recipient pays forward 10% back to Core 300  by quarter or season to fund NGO local training or humanitarian aid


With C300 Ventures, there is a unique X-factor. Led by a 4-man committee of 1  US and 3 Kenyan Board members, Core 300 Ventures receives deposits from US Donors and distributes the funds based on merit, readiness, and projected profitability to a pre-qualified business or farm entrepreneur.Instead of interest, our entrepreneurs agree to pay forward “an offering” of 10% of their profit to Core 300 East Africa!

Our Operational Principle:

“Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” –Jesus in Luke 6:38

Farms for Life

A shared, united belief in Kenya that much of our ministry would flow from the breaking of the fear-based culture, and its demonic shackles realized by each man who finished the Warrior Course. We are seeing new freedom to create, innovate, and envision God-sized outcomes- A US businessman donated seed capital to start 10 new enterprises in farming and small business start-ups
A Kenyan Board member was inspired to begin marketing our training courses–for profit.
Our trainers would deliver the coursework to agencies in County and National government and law enforcement.
– A US Board member and his adult son were inspired to start a fund for Core 300 to acquire our own Kenyan farm to train ex-cons and demonstrate 5X crop increases to visitors who want to take our model to their country or county
3 Kenyan Coordinators envisioned donating the use of some of their own land to launch this same vision in 3 locations–BUT their vision included profit-generating pilots to fund the ministry of Core 300 East Africa
For our graduates who own land, we train in our Farms for Life organic techniques. Others with a small business or a viable idea and proven work ethic, we help them develop business, marketing, and banking skills and, as donations allow, to seed their vision–coaching them along the way. The small gift of about $100 is extravagant to them, and they readily agree to pay forward 10% of their profits to support Core 300 and our Sanctuary Churches in East Africa.
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Farms for Life – a 444% Return on investment in 12 months

Farmers struggle in pre-famine conditions–growing produce in leeched soil with little real nutrition. This downward spiral of poverty leaves School fees unpaid, barring access to millions of children to school. Almost all of these 1-4 acre farms in Sub-Saharan Africa were inherited by sons. Today most have dead or dying soils, and produce has dwindled to 1/5 or less of their grandparent’s harvests.
Left – Our 1 Acre parcel in June, Mt. Elgon, Bungoma County


To date, over 16,000 men-mostly ministers, inmates, and ex-cons, have been trained in our Farms for Life techniques. half of those men are still in prison. Early results are astounding, and getting better every year. In 3 years or less, 400-500% increases are not uncommon–and as they learn how to plant smart, sharing their knowledge with neighbors, and how to go to market. We also needed a model for self-sustainability and to fund the mission there. As many of our ex-cons (already trained in the Warrior while in prison) returned to their own family farms, they needed a training center to exchange labor for learning our modern Farms for Life model to apply it to their own land. Then a US father and son team gave $2,700 to seed our Farms for Life model!
Last May we broke ground on 3 plots of land, offered by our Coordinators, totaling 4 acres. This last week they harvested the first crop which will are now in local markets across Bungoma County. We estimate that these small farms will provide $3,000 each year in net income to raise $12,000 to support our mission each year!
We are looking for US partner Donors now who will give $10,500 to expand to 16 acres to raise $48,000 next year in nearby counties to support ex-con training, Phase 2 expansion to 20 more prisons, and our current leadership training in the Nairobi region to the East.
for 2022. Interested in multiplying your Email us for more info.
What could YOU do by giving a piece of your mind, time, or financial resources? Today you could begin GO-ing with us to cure fatherlessness in the world, heal families, lift entire Regions out of poverty, or spread the word that miracles are happening every day in Kenya and Uganda as God leads our advance..

Here’s how YOU can GO with us:

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Next Week! Look for PART THREE: Kenya’s Government asks us to intervene in their Nationwide Men’s Crisis

September 5, 2021 — “We have failed to help Kenyan men and teenage boys for 15 years . . .and they are unraveling Kenyan society. That is why we have put Core 300 in our budget. They are the only organization that has a proven solution for men.” 

— Saphia Awil, JD, Chief Officer of Gender, Welfare,                                                                                                                                                               and Culture

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From all of us @Core 300,
           May you have a heart full of thankfulness, and generous Thanksgiving cheer this year.
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