by Art Hobba

Have a tough day, year, week? Read the miracle account of Mike Day’s oneliner cry to a God he did not know, and how it has unfolded in his life.

“I’m scared right now about what I see happening in our country and in my state of Virginia. That is why I’m considering running for Governor of Virginia because I’ve learned–for me–that when I’m afraid and fight or flight kicks in, I fight.”                                                      — Mike Day, Ret. Chief, Navy Seals

What Mike did with his miracle, by Divine intervention–and throug’h an answer to an impossible prayer, is the secret headline of his story. He dedicated his life to Giving back’–even in the midst of real PTSD (after being shot 27 times, and 20 previous years of Seals service) and the attitude of refusing to be a victim. Giving to others heals, and fulfills the giver, satisfying our deepest longings in life.

If you are one of the sad and self-deluded souls that work to consume and wear false armor to project an Avatar onto your fans and family, STOP IT!

How does it make ANY sense that a beautiful painting turns to the artist that made it and say, thanks, I own your creation, and am now my own Master.

I implore you to realize the insanity of that Ego and fear-driven ascent. What we miss is reality–which takes courage to face, right? And the reality of servant-giving and servant-leading–giving your life away for good, is the only pathway to joy. The greatest Teacher said–more than once–

“You’ll always be alone–and never “”find your true life” until you, like a seed, lose your life, and “fall to the ground and die.”                                                                        — Jesus, John 12:24; Matthew 10:39

The only way to find fulfillment is to let go of the deception that your life is yours–you own it. How does it make ANY sense that a beautiful painting turns to the artist that made it and says,”Thanks, I own your creation, and am now my own Master.
“Happiness” is a human construct, but discovering and walking in your purpose under your Creator–is the Holy Grail. Don’t wait until you realize that with all of your climbing, you discover that your self-made ladder was up against the wrong wall.

Art Hobba is the Founder and President of Core 300 international, a men’s leadership and development organization with a special focus on restoring and empowering broken men “for good” in East Africa.

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About Core 300

Core 300 brings about the transformation of men through unique curricula and processes. As validated by over 500 confidential wives’ surveys, our 32,000 graduates return home to their wives a changed man–and with humility, cease their domestic violence (99%), confess their wrongs, and introduce love into their marriage (98%) and fathering (93%). Released from the ancient Tribal ideology, these men begin to innovate and often take a changed work ethic, and an entrepreneurial spirit, to create wealth for their family (+94%) and begin developing other men around them.

The government of Kenya has outsourced the rehabilitation of all inmates and ex-cons to Core 300, and recently placed their successful work with men into the budget of the Ministry of Welfare, Youth, and Gender.

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