by Art Hobba, Founder and President, Core 300

The concept of Transformational Leadership as an idea is promising. As a qualitative force for good, however, it must be measurable by its ability to scale performance an innovation in the transformed people who were modeled and mentored to that level by the initiating transformative leader.

The proof of concept becomes real when the 2nd generation transforms other people in measurable ways. If they act upon the holistic dimensions of the invisible-spiritual; invisible-soul-mind; or in the body (physical organism), these 3 dimensions of transformed being, thinking, and doing will initiate further innovation or transform one or more of the factors below:

1. ProcessDesign
2. Systems/Applications
3. Supply Chain
4. Love/Family
5. Belief/Faith
6. Humanitarian benevolence
7. Medical/Nutrition
8. The Arts
9. Educational Systems/Learning methods
10. Environmental and Agricultural intervention
An excellent example of a transformational culture shift with multiple measurable positive human rights and economic impact is the 10-year effort of Core 300* in Kenya and Uganda. The American founder and native co-founders assessed the ancient depths of toxic patriarchy that had sustained frequent family member and community human rights violations since antiquity. Said violations were quietly enforced by Patriarchal systems of social and economic punishment–even banishment had been sustained by Chiefs, Elders, Husbands, and Fathers, and include regular violent misogyny, systemic fatherlessness, vendetta, corruption, laziness, FGM, and the irresponsibility and tolerated sloth of men who laid the hardest and heaviest labor and provision burdens upon their wives.
Core 300’s biblical values-based leadership program has 3 semesters of training that awaken, empower, and deploy men’s energies towards a heartfelt belief that they are called by God to break their old anti-humane behaviors–casting them off by a group ceremony–and putting on of the Armor of God as a New Man.

Proof of Concept

Of the 24,000 church leaders, uniformed officers, and government managers who graduated from the courses, 395 wives were confidentially surveyed over 2 years by the spouses of our Board Members. The Survey included 5 before-and-after behavioral rater statements idealizing the actions of a noble, kind, and responsible husband and father. Averaged scores remain between the 94%-96% ‘Better (20%) and Much Better (80%) than they were before the training. NOTE: most of the surveys were conducted 1-6 years after the man returned home.
See the Wives’ Survey Report
*501c3 male-focused, values-based leadership training organization in Kenya and Uganda with offices in Los Angeles, California, and Bungoma, Kenya.
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