A new and exciting movement of the Spirit in Western Kenya began in late 2019. . . 

It portends an exciting opportunity for churches beyond Kenya to return to the core roots of God’s mission as embraced by many of the first-century churches of the New Testament.

Like then, and as it has always been in Core 300’s philosophy of ministry, it is “denominationally agnostic“–meaning it accepts and respects as brethren, all who love and worship Jesus and we stand in the center as an anchor of biblical reason.

We call it the Sanctuary Church Movement–birthed out of Core 300 International’s ministry to this wonderful region of the world.

e found most churches existed to expressed exhilaration through song and worship and to aggrandize the local pastor as he ran and controlled things.

Throughout the Scriptures, God commands the nation of Israel–and later, the Church, to prayerfully, financially, and practically express the redemptive compassion and care of our Heavenly Father for 5 marginalized demographic groups–even allocating one of the 3 Tithes to them in the Law of Moses.

-The (abject) Poor
-The Fatherless (orphans)
-The Prisoner (Hostage/Captives)
-The Physically/Mentally Challenged (Blind/Sick/Lame/Deaf/Mute)
-Exiles (Gentile/Sojourner/Homeless)

When Core 300 arrived in 2013 we began teaching the Warrior, and 4 years afterward, the Priest course. Many 1000’s of ministers in Eastern Uganda and Kenya were graduating, and it was clear that the enthusiastic, word-of-mouth growth, and stories of changed lives were happening.

We also learned many disturbing “cultural” insights which grieved us. One of those was that church pastors and their people hated Ex-cons! They refused entry–even violently if necessary.

By the end of 2020, we had trained and graduated over 16,000 church leaders, which s expanding by 500 per month! But it was the data from the Wives’ Surveys of late 2019, that confirmed that the vast majority of these men had become sustainably transformed men–as husbands, dads, and leaders in ministry–over several years.

Their churches had been changing as well. They were no longer “Tribal”, self-serving with inward-looking congregations, but their hearts were changed, and they began to feel the compassion of Christ for the marginalized. When COVID struck and 15,000 inmates–mostly innocent men–were released into the streets. There was another crisis of public safety laid on top of COVID!

A few Core 300 certified prison chaplains felt led of the Spirit to breach a bitter, 50-year-old resentment-fueled division that had existed between the church ministers and the prison ministers. A handful began to talk and pray together and an innovative idea emerged: What if they worked as a team to proved a soft landing for these disenfranchised men?

Click on the link below as Nicholas, a brutal Muslim man falsely convicted of murder, is released when his accusers felt tormented by dreams and guilt–compelled to renege on their sworn testimony. Though not mentioned in the short interview, what you hear is his Sanctuary story:

UPDATE: Nicholas and his wife Irene had a dream to have their own business, and were sponsored by a PBL (Core 300’s name in Kenya) Coordinator to start a tented cookshop                 in a local street market. Not only did they pay back his microloan in 3 months, but they are also earning enough money to support their family of 7 each week!

Looking to the Scriptures, our handful of men saw how Jesus, in his first “sermon,” quite Isaiah in Luke 4:18. He proclaimed that his messiahship (and the ministry of the Holy Spirit that would ignite his church on Pentecost) would engage his followers in bringing freedom to the prisoners–and that there was an eternal reward for those who cared for and had compassion on them and their families.

Our African Board in Kenya facilitated and formalized a partnership between selected local churches–who would be trained by Core 300 Kenya–and the Ministry of Prisons to collaborate with all soon-to-be-released Ex-cons. They would be helped by the Prison Chaplains as one team–even to the sharing of prison records–to help with a local, welcoming by a certified Sanctuary Church. Although only 31 exist today, the queue of the churches awaiting certification is currently 165!

Almost every Ex-con comes with needs of nutrition, counseling, and education–including finishing whatever Core 300 class he was in the middle of. If he did not have his family farm to return to, he was apprenticed into a new job–as well as given time for the ministry of reconciliation between he, his wife, and his children.

What is next for these flowering Sanctuary churches? We expect they will be tee’ing up for the next marginalized group they can add to their outreach!

See you in the War Room,