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According to the National Center for Fathering, 72.2 % of the U.S.believe fatherlessness is the     most significant family and societal problem facing the world today

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Chuck Reich, CEO of Horizon Media interviews Art last week for Core 300’s first documentary

NRB Convention Report

Mike Lindell’s Recovery Network’s (LRN) Hope Report Show, featuring
Guest Art Hobba Founder, Core 300 
this Wednesday the 30th
at 10 AM PDT!
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Art had the opportunity to meet with Mike Lindell (the My Pillow guy) and his non-profit addiction recovery team last week at the NRB Conference in Dallas. After learning of the work of Core 300 in the US and Africa, He was invited to come on their tri-weekly show. The Hope Report brings hope and answers in the name of Jesus Christ to people with behavioral or substance addictions. The podcast provides a community for believers where we can give each other a hand up, in the same way that Jesus gives each of us His hand whenever we need the support. Hosted by LRN’s Executive Director, Melissa Huray, and Decorated Navy Seal (ret.), Jason Perry, Art will bring his viewpoint of addictive behavior regarding the power of tribalism which is growing worldwide, and which is strong influencer for evil in US Cities today. Through thick and deeply embedded in Africa, the Tribe is a part of the addicts’ persona and must also be broken to become free. The chart below lists the values (that become behaviors) of a Tribal culture vs. the culture of the Kingdom of God into which Believers are called to live, move and have our being.

Art will be discussing his experiences with tribalism in pastoral ministry and in Kenya–Uganda and the emotional and spiritual “addictions” to evil behaviors which come when tribal spirits gain power over an individual and a nation. Tribalism is growing worldwide–even in US politics–but as a continent, Africa has been controlled by Tribalism for 10,000 years. We praise God that He is breaking the tribal bond first, then rebuilding the man, through our process and curricula

July 6 Trip to Kenya postponed by COVID Outbreak to August 27

As my dear friends– fellow Board member Steve Stebbins, and  Board Advisor Stan Gerlach–and I were just 2 weeks away from our planned departure, the Kenyan government locked down 13 southwestern counties due to a spike in COVID-19 virus outbreaks centering in the city of Kisumu. We will be taking advantage of the extra time to continue to plan appointments and contact friends to help us raise the extra $15,000 we need to invest by bringing together, food, housing, and training for over 100 Field Coordinators for our Annual Leadership Summit which includes strategic meetings and 4 days of the last of the 3-Semester Core 300 Leadership series, The King.

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    New Website with a Fresh Focus 
    New Sanctuary Church and Healing the “Father Wound” 

Take a walk through our new website and follow the process the Spirit has lead us through these last 8 years culminating in the birth of new testament Sanctuary Churches, pastored by graduates of our coursework and  6 months of training to change the long-held tribal paradigm that “all ex-cons are accursed and not welcome”, to “we have to love this man and his family into the fellowship, with food, counseling and help with job placement.  Diverse denominationally, these churches, are sprouting up all over western and central Kenya, as they work closely with the Prison Chaplains in coordinating a “soft-landing” release of ex-cons into society for the first time in Kenyan history!

        Movement in Africa Grows in spite of COVID-19

The evidence that our Father in Heaven is all over this organic “TransforNation of Kenya”, is that during the COVID-19 crisis, which brought a sharp decline in donations for many foreign missions, we were still able to stand alongside our expanding team of Field Coordinators and support Jiggers and Farm clinics, while graduating over 10,000 inmates and guards from the Warrior course in November! In addition, a mindset shift accelerated innovation among our indigenous leaders and their plans for self-sufficiency. They hope to take on 35% of our previous year’s budget. However, record growth continues through this year, and the need for support has eclipsed any cost savings gained.     


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We began with a Pastor’s conference in 2013, and after 611 men went through a dramatic transformation–finding freedom from tribalism, and their new identity as adopted sons of the Dad in Heaven, we continued–knowing that to truly bring about the cultural change you must begin with the key influencers which, in Sub-Saharan Africa, are the ministers

AND. . .Look for PART 2 next Tuesday:

The Kenyan Ministry of Prisons:                                                A MIRACLE and a WONDER

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