Celebrating Our First Capital investment in Eastern Uganda!

Eastern Uganda’s border is close to Bungoma, where Core 300’s East Africamain office is located, so, with the regular transport of people and enterprises, an expansion into their nation happened naturally. We have been quietly supporting the development of 7 Core 300 Coordinators while developing a new Board Member as well. His name is Moses.

Deputy Executive Director Moses has spent the last 4 years developing 10 Coordinators, who have trained over 1,000 ministers in Uganda. Thus far it has been tough tracking–without even a bicycle for transportation. Moses has navigated the
destitute region on foot–with the help of spotty public transport–trying to coach and encourage our men in the East. He often carries 60+ lb. burdens of Warrior Manuals for the next gathering. Moses knows that he must be patient with his US Supporters 15,000 miles away–and his brothers in Kenya.
“But Lord, what about Eastern Uganda–where our people are oppressed by a vile dictator–and famine, so often at our feet, and poverty levels greater than Kenya, how can I continue?”   — Moses’ Prayer
Two weeks ago, his spirits were lifted with hope! He could not believe his eyes–2 of our Kenyan Board members arrived at his home, riding 2 of our  Motorwings Honda 125’s! And one of them–a brand new red one, was his to use for ministry!** 

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 The Spreadsheet below shows our expenses for the new Honda 125 for Uganda                     Below, Board member Augustine finishes motorbike skills training for                                                                                                                                                                                     Directors’ Alex (lt) and Moses (rt) on their new Hondas

  HONDA 125         MOTORBIKE   UGANDA 18-Oct PURCHASE         1 165,000 165000 151,000
-registration 6,000
-Fuel  4,000
-COVID test 5,000
Border Fees 2,000
-Meals 2,000
TOTAL KES 165,000 170,000
TOTAL USD $1,700
Core 300 must focus on Kenya for now. . .for they will be the backbone of support Moses will need in the future. Like the Sherman Tank in World War 2, it was a game-changer on the battlefield. But without fuel, the tank cannot move cannot fulfill their purpose The men are equipped–volunteers all. All is ready. 
Can you help our Readied Army of 160 Coordinators and 50 certified Chaplains move out!
  1. Moses and his team are ready today.
  2. The 40 prison chaplains, senior officers, and 18,000 inmates await the funding from the US to provide Bibles and workbooks for inmates and guards.
  3. School Principals continue to call our Bungoma office to come and heal many 1,000s more who are ground-bound and cannot walk because of the Jigger parasite.
What would it feel like if you stepped out and gave your time, skill, or financial resources? Today you could begin GO-ing with us to cure fatherlessness in the world, heal families, lift entire Regions out of poverty, or spread the word that miracles are happening every day in Kenya and Uganda as God leads our advance..

Begin today. Now is the time. Go to our GIVE page to invest in Kenyan and Ugandan Families