For the last 70 years, well-meaning Western governments and NGOs have been trying to teach the common African farmer a new and proven way to nurture their soil and plant differently to increase harvests. He has not been a good student. Why?  Because he is bound by his tribal “code” to reject new and proven ways to heal their barren soils because to change the Ways of his fathers is unconscionable. From a 1000 generations of reactivity, trophied, unchallenged minds make these rural men incapable to imagine anything different from their closed traditions.

These are some of the toxic behaviors that had become norms in African, African-American, and some Latino cultures. Self-defeating, they are paralyzing strongholds of shame in these men:

  • Misogyny — including wife battery, emotional abuse of the wife and children; superiority, and general disrespect for the opposite gender
  • Sloth — putting the major load of financial responsibility upon the mother or wife
  • Abandonment — sudden, sporadic, or permanent walking away from his wife and children
  • Fatherlessness — having been fatherless himself, he walks away from his own children
  • Corruption — a lifestyle of lying, cheating, and taking advantage of the weak in the community
  • Substance abuse — self-medicating with alcohol and drugs or other addictions

These two critical programs came together–and have fit like a hand in a glove:

1) The Warrior Course — beginning with Gideon as our ‘everyman’ and mentor in Judges 6-8, each student (mostly church leaders) embarks on a transformational adventure in a 3-day conference that strips them of their toxic false armor, trains him in proactivity, heals their father-wounds, and win in his invisible battles against the taskmaster of shame and hopelessness. By the end of the course, he has opened his life to 2 fellow warriors–who are his support system and returns home wrapped in the biblical Armor of God (Eph 6). Often their first words are mixed with tears of regret for the frequent wife beatings, and petitions for forgiveness with repentance. Our data reveals that of the 36,000 men who have graduated since 2013, 98.9% of them never strike their wives again.

2) Operation Farms for Life After the man completes the Warrior, his mind and heart are freed from the shackles of his inherited primeval culture. He is humble, ready to learn and add value to his household.

To watch our courageous, godly Coordinators facilitate this miracle of spiritual and behavioral transformation, is amazing! But for many of those who have small farms with leeched barren soil, operation Farms for Life, has brought a never dreamed of their multiplier of practical wealth multiplication! The average harvest yields have increased by 300% in 3 short years!

It takes spiritual energy and force, and dynamic training to awaken the ignorant man, shame-bound man. Our 12-week program leverages God’s love and unique Case Studies to strip away a man’s blindfolds. Smart, hard work–freed from the ghosts of who he was, creates self-respect and builds self-confidence.

Economic Transformation

150 of our native pastor-trainers have lead over 1,000 conferences. Early on, one man was professionally mentored in modern farming &right after the students had graduated from the Warrior course he began teaching ½ day organic Farms for Life (FFL) clinics. Over 3 years, the average increase in harvests have been 3-fold or 300%. Others, who have been applying this same technique for 4-7 years have seen yields of 18X or more. In 2022 alone, these transformed men saw 10 million USD from new crop sales. We are only begining!

The chart below shows the cumulative wealth generated by FFL graduates. Initially, most of the funds went to school fees (even college), health insurance, & nutrition. The rest added agro-business, livestock, and poultry start-ups. Crop potential continues to rise–some to 600%!

Ministry Impact Western Kenya







Yield Increase in US Dollars







Core 300 Return on Investment (ROI) of Total Donor Giving of  $560,000 in the last 5 years

Please help us continue to transform men to end family suffering in American Urban cities.