For the last 70 years, well-meaning Western governments and NGOs have been trying to teach the common African farmer a new and proven way to nurture their soil and plant differently to increase harvests. Yet, today, he is still bound by his tribal “code” to reject new and proven ways to heal their barren soils and realize multiples of harvest gains. The atrophied brain centers from a 1000 generations makes these rural men incapable to imagine anything different from their fathers’ fathers’ ways and their practiced, closed traditions.

God understood this because He had to deal with the stubborn tradition-bound Tribes of Israel! So the Spirit of the Lord chose a poor tribal Kenyan man named Barack Nyongesa, and inspired him to learn and memorize his mentor’s modern organic farming process. a vision and a process that has transformed men through two dynamic training programs:

These two critical programs fit together like hand in glove:

1) The Warrior Course — beginning with Gideon as our ‘everyman’ and mentor in Judges 6 and ending in Judges 8, each classmate (mostly church leaders) embarks on a transformational adventure in a 3-day conference that strips them of their toxic false armor, trains him how to win in his invisible battles, and returns him home wrapped in the biblical Armor of God (Eph 6)!

2) Operation Farms for Life After the man completes the Warrior, his mind and should are freed from the shackles of tribalism gleaned by years of apprenticeship,

 Core 300 has seen this miracle combination for the last 7 years to train 8,000 Warrior-graduate church leaders with transformed family, and watch them smallholder farms and implement Operation Farms for Life, which has already increased crop yields by 300%!

The biblical principle teaches us that this mindset must first be addressed spiritually–and it takes spiritual force and dynamic training to awaken the ignorant man, and invest him with enlightened HOPE by the right application of the Scriptures and trainers from his own tribe. His Spirit to stripping away the blindfolds through spiritual Transformation–which always precedes Economic and Social Transformation. Excluding big cities like Nairobi, 90% of East African families live off the land on tiny “smallholder” farms.

Crop Yields Triples in 3 years
As our native pastor-trainers continued to lead over 1,000 conferences, a Core 300 leader from Bungoma was well-trained in modern farming & he began teaching ½ day organic Farms for Life (FFL) clinics on composting and crop rotation to our graduates.
Increased yields started after 12 months, but multiplied threefold by year 3!

By the end of 2021, we had trained 16,000 of our graduates in the FFL process. B then 300% and more harvests were taking these families from near starvation to thriving go-to-market enterprises.

The chart below shows the cumulative wealth generated by FFL graduates. Initially, most of the funds went to school fees (even college), health insurance, & nutrition. The rest added agro-business, livestock, and poultry start-ups. Crop potential continues to rise–some to 600%!

Ministry Impact Western Kenya







Yield Increase in US Dollars







Core 300 Return on Investment (ROI) of Total Donor Giving of  $560,000 in the last 5 years: