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PBL School of Leadership

Art Hobba trains East African Coordinators          in The Priest Course – 2018

Through the love and transforming power of God flowing through our mobile PBL School of Leadership, our 160 Certified Coordinators and 60 Prison Chaplains bring their hearts and teaching skills into a toxic culture that has been reproducing its DNA for millennia.  The Spirit-inspired, biblically sound, moral, and emotionally intelligent curricula has been turning back the darkness, breaking spiritual strongholds, and equipping men to become servant-leaders.

 “I had lost hope and direction completely in my life a father of three and I abandoned them all becasue my farm had failed. I had nowhere to turn for guidance and had almost losing hope in life, until I attended the warrior course, which turned my life round completely. Now ” –Pastor Stephen Wesonga

It is most difficult and expensive for men to travel any long distance in West Africa. Many ministries build buildings, but we do not. We go to them–where they are working–or sick, we follow the mobile seminary founded by Jesus, who brought his teachings to the poor. To date, 20,000 Christian Leaders, government employees, ex-cons, and inmates have graduated from one or more of our semesters, and–by their testimony–transformed by the Spirit.

Per data mined from over 400 Wives–from husbands who had completed both courses over the last 3-6 years, confidential Wives Survey results indicate an average 95.5% “improved or much improved” positive change in a man’s behavior who has completed both the Warrior and the Priest course. By this, we are confident in the quality, depth, and enduring change of our in these men as they move out to change their world.

Core 300, like the fabled Trojan Horse, has been gained internal access to leaders in Kenya because of the successes of Christian leaders’ conferences, and the lobbying of our Kenyan Corrections Chaplain friends. In teh next 19 months pilot projects with High School boys, the Ministry of Youth (ages 18-35), have been authorized by leadership ranks in Higher Education and government. We begin in Bungoma County in the Fall of 2021. 

Our primary transport is through our Moltorwings fleet made up of Honda 125 motorbikes fit for cargo and 2 passengers. We need to add 3 more bikes to our pool this Fall. Can you help? $1500 buys a complete Motorwings transport including rain gear and helmets for 2.

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