Back in my business days, my favorite Founder/CEO was Herb Kelleher, and I still use him today as an example of a man who led by his faith in good people–his fellow Southwest employees in particular.  He would often tell of the founding of the company, and their 20 years as the top performer on Wall Street with this storyline: 
“Our culture has always been to love our people first, then trust that they will love our customer. Our customers’ spending and word of mouth will love Wall Street, and Wall Street will love our Shareholders”

Herb chose first things first--and so should God’s kids. Businesses today see it as the only way to run an organization. Similarly, we who follow Jesus are called to be “wise as a serpent and as innocent as doves.” This is also about how we invest our time and support. Core 300’s process of transforming a man has been proven to be an effective remedy–and it incarnates Father-God’s message into their hearts and minds. The transformation of a man’s soul–and how he thinks–begins with the study of the story of Gideon (Judges 6-8)
Nicholas Okiru
Core 300’s Warrior training process has sustainably transformed 40,000 men, who, by their influence, have restored ver 35,000 overworked and battered wives and 220,000 forgotten, father-wounded children. In 2018 the Kenyan government outsourced the rehabilitation of all of their 105 male facilities to us  
Most men–most of the time–feel like a Gideon-sized loser–afraid to admit it to themself. We take men into the making of a new Gideon* who is transformed by God into the greatest military general in recorded history. In Kenya this expansive movement has moved into Uganda and beyond  The direct family, impact does not include the 100’s of 1000s they impact for good in their church, community–nor the elevation of the local economy. We are now experiencing the fallout worldwide because while billions of dollars went towards compassion-only, reactive ministries, almost none was used for strategic ministry–with a plan to cut off the perpetuation of evil.
The frequent examples of cause and effect in the Scriptures prove this reality almost universally.
Young Men–left unaffirmed, ignored and underserved will often become inclined to evil behavior in sync with a father-deprived tribal code of misconduct. Both Church and Society has ignored this reality at our own peril–in fact, the peril has come home to roost.
Men are not better than women, but hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in the developing world for wormen and girls to the exclusion of boys and men. Thus without strategic interventions, their broken behavior–that of a perpetrator–continues on unhindered from generation to generation. Our hearts are often moved with compassion for the victims of a sinful world, controlled mostly by men. But who spends their time praying for, serving, training, and mentoring men?? We claim as Christians that we follow Jesus, but Jesus knew the critical and strategic reality that investing his remaining 3 years of life–an ALL of his years of ministry on earth–into men (who multiplied themselves into 72) was his Fathers directive strategy to transforming the world through his Gospel. man leads to the transforming of society–that is why he chose 12 men, not 12 women. inpporting their healing, restoring, and empowerment for the Kingdom?
But God is ahead of us in Africa–it’s a whole new kind of edgy adventure! As he validates the seismic impact of what He is doing to transform entire families, churches, and Regions–all in a matter of months–the perpetrator undergoes a magnificent metamorphosis into a perpetuator of the love and goodness of Father God.  
*Gideon, a tribal man of 1,100 BC. He is alone, hiding, and feeling disqualified as a son, a farmer, and as a man with no mojo to even try to protect his family. Here bent over in his father’s winepress, the Angele of the Lord appears–calling him a Mighty Warrior!