Holistic Helps

Ever since Jesus went out of his way to heal and encourage people . . .

Samaritans, lepers, the cursed incarcerated, or the demon-oppressed, his followers have been inspired to give spiritual and practical aid to under-served peoples around the globe. And there are many critical needs that never hit the radar of charities, government aid, or NGO’s. Those are the ones we are learning to redeem for Christ’s sake.

In 2017 Barack Nyongesa, one of our Co-founders and a Leading Coordinator–was pierced in his heart by God’s Spirit to go beyond training ministers with the transformative Warrior, Priest, and King message.

He saw the 2.4 million Kenyan children unseen by governments or charities–yet disabled by the deadly Jigger parasite–in pain and unable to go to school. And God spoke to his heart to change their futures. He saw good men get imprisoned for stealing a chicken to feed their family because the soil of his 1-acre farm was depleted. Taking his knowledge as a commercial farmer, and an indentured servant– he oversaw the training of 16,000 men and founded Farms for Life to resurrect their farms.  He saw the emaciated and sickly poor with unbalanced diets bereft of nutrition, and the ignorant with no access to doctors, who contracted preventable diseases year after year, and assembled teams to go out and teach them, and spraying their mud and grass huts. Today Barack lead the Farm Ventures part of our entrepreneurial team.

His colleague and close friend, Alex Achuti–also a Co-founder, chose another solution: Entrepreneurial business start-ups.

Using his own funds, he tried egg-farming in 2015 and learned the ropes–and the smells of success in his tiny backyard. He studied how tribalism prevented innovation–even punishing it–and studied Entrepreneurship, Kenya style. Two years ago he helped a recent ex-con, Nicholas, who he had mentored for some time. This ex-muslim murderer was one the 1,000’s of ex-cons released into our care. Alex taught him the strategy of using money with the skill of discipline–beginning with a small sum–with coaching–and then guided Nicholas and his wife to create a thriving restaurant. Today Alex leads Core 300 Ventures, using donated investment capital to serve our well-vetted Coordinators. They either present their start-up business plan for a new business, or they present their plan to multiply revenue for their small businesses. Today 50 vetted start-up candidates wait eagerly for US donors to fund the next round.

Over the years of 2017-2020, we moved from providing Christian discipleship and leadership development exclusively, to continuing on with the same, while engaging the whole person through Holistic ministry that cares for the body, soul, and spirit of hundreds of thousands of people. Families have new Hope–filled with the love and confidence of Father God and one another. The fatherless are restored to their fathers as the power of 32,000 transformed men began changing the worlds around them. And we are just getting started. We can do much more with your prayers and financial help.


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