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Do you enjoy connecting with others on the Web via social sites? Do you want to be in the epicenter of where God’s Kingdom is blowing up? For many, being connected is an hourly habit, and you get in the flow easily. Our Cyber Warrior ministry asks for a commitment to do that for Jesus for 2 HOURS per week. That’s it!

We have lots of inspiring content—that is so critical to awaken and equip Gen Z emerging men, Dads, Married, Single, and Divorced men–and Granddads the world needs to hear, read and know about. Married and single Moms—hurt by Father Wounds, and millions of wives who want to learn how to understand their man—all subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and our YouTube Channel is loaded as well.

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Join our S.W.A.T. Team

Everyone needs a place where they can go—either alone or with a buddy—to seek God, get right, and do some serious Kingdom business for others and invade Darkness with Light! GO with us by stepping into the Kingdom of Heaven, armed with faith and God’s Word to intercede with Christ to awaken, protect, equip, and empower our 200 African Coordinators, 60 Prison Chaplains, Missions trip Logistics, our US Team, and stand with us for individual and corporate crisis and tactical objectives. AS engaged Ministers, we’ll pray for one another as well

We’ll use WhatsApp FaceBook Core 300 and other platforms to keep you updated on urgent news and the names of courageous men and women on the front lines—where you can join them in prayer in real-time. Each quarter we will connect via Zoom for an update and recalibration of our scopes of preyers together.

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