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6 Essentials to Get Stronger

“Strong good men pose no threat to to the world. But when we medicate and train boys to be weak in our schools, and eviscerate them in our universities for being masculine, we create levels of rage never seen before in history. The world need not fear the strong man, but untold terrors await the release of the monster in a weak man”

-Jordan Peterson, PhD.

Growing up into your potential and becoming a good man depends on five things:

1. You’ve got to do the Reps

Don’t be a guy that thinks reading and studying alone will make you stronger. Without application to your life in vivo, you are merely puking factoids–which just irritates most people, or worse. Strength and endurance increases in proportion to Resistance X Repetition x Consistency. Get serious because this is your life–and that’s serious.

2. Go on a REALITY diet
It will take authentic Mojo to eat an exclusive diet of reality. How do others perceive you out there? in your family? or at work or gaming squad? That doesn’t mean you don’t have fun. It means that at work, the gym, or in love, walk away if it ain’t real. Be you and share a weakness–show a scar or two. You crave being real, and solid people are drawn to real people, not Mr. Personna.

Use the mirror to grow your self-awareness not check out your glutes. Ask a friend, wife, girlfriend, sibling, or your boss to tell you what they’d like to see you change, and how you might improve.* Take notes, don’t be defensive, and then pray and work on it. Expect reality to bite at first, then it will set you free and elevate your game. People will not only like your more, but they’ll also trust you.

NOTE: Leadership growth expert Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s research shows that we need to NOT tackle the whole list at once, instead, take the most important one and make it your focus for 30-60 days, then tackle the next.

3. Seek out Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is REALITY 2.0. It means being sensitive to people and to their needs. Most of us think we are pretty awesome until we see us as others do. Empathy is a spirit muscle group required by adult-adult relationships. What is their perspective? Why care? Because, like it or not, their view shapes your world, the opportunities that will not come, the people you hang with (and later marry). Essentially, your whole future is shaped by your own self-awareness and your awareness and empathy for others.

4. Find a life coach or mentor you trust
“Solid people are drawn to real people, not Mr. Personna”

Remember your favorite Coach? What did you learn? How to hold a bat–shoot a free throw? Why are they so important to you filling your potential? Because they see, from a wizened perspective, what you cannot, but need to. Usually, they want to simply help you rise to that new level. Finding a trustworthy coach is like finding success in life. Where do you find another man who has been there, failed some, processed pain, and seasoned into wisdom? Who do you admire or trust who has had another 20-40 years on you? We’re talking Silverbacks here. Great men develop from great coaches.

5. Go Holistic
“If you are a thinking person, most of us will affirm that Jesus is the universal Archetype of the perfect man” -Jordan Peterson

Don’t just be stronger in your BODY, or MIND. Determine to exercise your SPIRIT too. Compared to the Bench Press, a guy may get it up to 280 or 350 lbs. or more, yet not have enough spiritual strength to raise an eyebrow. This means carving out a daily routine off the grid. Turn off your phone and go to a private place to be truly alone. Get a Man’s Bible, and start with some deep breathing and reading a few verses each morning. Focus. Kill your cell for 15 minutes.

Check out Psalm 23; the book of John or the words of Jesus in the sermon on the mount in Matthew chapters 5-8. Make your mind learn how to clear the field of noise, worried, random thoughts. Your mind and body is conditioned to not like silence. Still the noise. Tell it to shut up too. You need this, you really need this. Close your eyes and read those verses out loud and let them sink into your heart. Tell God a problem or two if you like but mostly imagine you are floating. . .in the warmth of His pure love. God likes the silence too. We promise if you do this each day for 1 week, it will get easier, and you’ll want it more. Do the crunches where it counts the most. Forget what others say. Your life’s margin is sacred, so don’t sell it to the web. Download a book written by Henri Nouwen like “The Return of the Prodigal Son,” and enjoy it over a couple of months. Begin to enjoy the most riveting and fulfilling adventure of all. Breathe it all in and out deeply a couple more times. Breathy in God. Then get back to the grind.

The benefits? Wow, that is a big list, but expect:

The fog will lift–order and clarity will come into your thinking
Blood pressure, stress, and musculoskeletal inflammation will decrease
Increase in awareness of YOU–insight as to what is going on inside your head and heart
You’ll step back and begin to get others’ feelings, and life opportunities will improve.
Better sleep and relationships

Dude, what if in becoming that mature man you will attract that perfect soulmate?

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* A great non-stupid-sounding question you might want to ask a trustworthy friend or a silverback that you know is; “If you could snap your fingers, what would be the one trait about me you’d like to change today?”

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