Curing the Jigger Plague

Hot, moist weather combined with deep poverty and unavailable healthcare incubates the frequent killers of Malaria, Cholera, Dysentery from polluted water, and Yellow Fever.

But an unknown, more sinister, disabling, and longer-lasting predator has disabled 2.4 million children in Kenya alone.  The abiding relentless but preventable plague of Jigger parasites hunt for their host with the soft thin skin of young children and the indigent elderly.

Their bite is unfelt–a tiny needle-like proboscis pierces through their host’s thin skin. Beyond, the nutrient-rich dermis is where one female Jigger lays her eggs by the hundreds.

Hatching as larvae, they begin to feed upon the child’s blood, sapping strength even as the larvae grow. A host can carry dozens of nests–beginning with their feet. The crippling drives them to the ground where other Jiggers join the feast infecting knees, hands, and private parts–all the while itching relentlessly. Most fathers abandon the home with Jiggers. Village people call the children “cursed” by God, and the children stop attending school–sometimes for years.

Young mothers normally work on their small farms in order to feed their children. But now often with 2 or 3 of their kids infected at the same time, there is no rest or relief as weeping carries on through the night. They have to be fed–and wiped by their mom. Soon, she stops farming. Weakened by sleeplessness, hunger, and tears, she becomes depressed–unable to bring comfort, unseen and unheard to be comforted

Holistic Helps

On a moist,h his friend Alex, laden down with training manuals and Bibles found or a ministers’ conference, we were hosting the next day. Through the narrow, well-trodden paths between forests and villages in the Bush country, he saw children scattered across the open dirt of a village. Continuing on, he passed by another village with dozens–also victimized by /jiggers. Barack knew it was the Jigger plague that had taken another village, and he knew some of these kids would die.

Like many American travelers do when we see the homeless along the street, he just moved ahead, stepping over another unheard and unseen child as he always had done. It was then that the Voice of God’s Spirit spoke to him, saying, “Son, never leave these children without a plan to return and cure them.”


We want to do 2 more clinics before Christmas. Our Holistic Helps Team in Kenya is inviting you to GO with them next week!
Our next Jigger clinic is at Mt. Elgon Primary School (K-5) and they have selected their 120 Students that can’t walk to school.

You can GO online now and donate:

1. Adopt a whole clinic for $720
2. Cleanse and cure 10 victims for $60–or 5 for $30
3. Give us $60.month (check the box) and Cure 120 in 12 months!


Core 300 in Kenya has researched, learned, and applied the best available medical science–and working with teachers at primary schools. 160 Coordinators have been certified, and teams of 5-7 are motorcycled in supplies, and medicine to set up Pop-up Jigger Clinic in primitive rural areas near a collaborative Primary school, and cured over 8,000 victims taken down by Jiggers. Using our 7 Stage process (from foot scrubbing to putting on new socks and shoes) Mom’s and their infected children returned home with hope, only to be greeted by our pesticide and training volunteers who have taught teens and parents how shoes and hygiene could prevent the Jiggers from coming back.  In addition, the inside and outside of “infected” huts and schools have been sprayed to eliminate the Jigger threat. Return visits have shown that 18 months later, these little ones remain 80% Jigger free!