2022: The “YEAR OF PARTNERING” Continues to Unfold! 

Dear Friend of Core 300, 

Last May, as I was preparing for my bi-annual return to Kenya the following month, I was on the receiving end of 2 phone calls on the same day. Earlier that week, I had an exciting but unusual lunch meeting;  All three conversations had one thing in common:

“Please come to Uganda NOW!”


New! Calvary Chapel & Core 300 Partnership

Our lead team in the US and in Kenya knew that a  “loving invasion” into Uganda was probably going to happen in the next few years,  But, like D-Day in WWII, we were waiting on the right circumstances (funds), and for our Commander Jesus to give the order to GO.  As I hung up the second phone call, I got excited when my friend Dave encouraged me to join him–and then offered to pay my airfare! All three ‘coincidences’ convinced me the Lord
was saying, the time to launch was NOW.

The “Invasion” June 25th–our long-felt desire to expand into Uganda from our Kenya headquarters was on! It would be my first time to set foot on Ugandan soil. I was not prepared, however, for how beautiful Entebbe was, nor what God was about to do.

                                                                  Continued in our next chapter on “Summer News” letter coming Friday!


June 19th — I landed in Nairobi, where I met up with our PBL (Core 300 Kenya) team for a warm reunion. Our week was focused on 4 objectives:

1). Growth planning – expand our trained base of bishops and senior pastors in the city to begin to build up the wave of the Holy Spirit that will awaken, deliver, and equip leaders. This will “seed” the Region with Coordinators ready to train 14,000 inmates and 2,000 prison staff in our Phase 3 prison rollout in Region 1 (Nairobi) by 2026.

Last Fall, we learned that the Kenya Family was in deep trouble:

6 million people live in Nairobi. We needed to activate our coalition of Bishops and senior pastors in the city to begin to build up the wave of the Holy Spirit that will awaken, deliver, and equip men that attend our conferences. We have 12 Bishops in the city to help host one Warrior conference per month for the next 24 months.
In addition to healing husbands and Dads and restoring them to their families–this will “seed” spiritual leaders who would be ready to train 14,000 Nairobi inmates and 2,000 prison staff in our Phase 3 prison rollout in Region 1 (Nairobi) by 2026.



NOTE: A demographic score of 70% single-Mom led households places Kenya at the highest rate–by far–of any nation in the world  

2) To meet with the new Director of Rehabilitation, Mdme. Olivia Obell at Kenya Prison Services HQ.

2022 Marks our fourth year of partnering with the Kenyan government, We needed to establish the trust and rapport that empowered our successful Training rehabilitation of minds, souls, and spirits of 9,000 inmates and 1,280 staff in Phase One    (Region 8).
We are ready to launch Phase 2 of our 5-Phased rollout, we agreed in prayer for God to provide funds to support our certified Coordinators, and for the 10,000 more Warrior Field Manuals  we will need to launch 10 more prisons in the densely populated southwest Region 6 of NYANZA, along the coastline of Lake Victoria.
The guards, chaplains, and inmates have heard the stories of the transformed men released on good behavior; the sudden retraction of false testimonies– or of records misplaced suddenly being found–and the many sentences reduced by years. The familiar chant of “WARRIOR!. . .WARRIOR! will soon be heard again as it rises above the walls and heard from miles away. See their joy, and hear their cries of hope and freedom in this short clip 

All is ready except for one thing.

Even at the reduced cost of $4 each, inflation has doubled the cost of last year. We have no funds for the 4,000 manuals for September–$16,000–that we must raise in the US, 2 weeks from now.
Will you partner with us? Ask the Lord how many manuals YOU can provide?

(L to r) 2 Prison Staff Managers, Art Hobba, Olivia Obell, Vincent Mugun, Moses Mbito, Henry Yator

Next, we had a sit-down for the first time with future ministry partners DCPI, Africa, and we discovered an exciting synergy between what they do, and what we do. Together, we could multiply each others’ impact and reach while accelerating their church planting in areas where no church had been. DCPI was celebrating their milestone achievement of planting 1 million churches. We get to walk with them on their way to plant 5 MILLION CHURCHES in the next 10 years!

Core300-DCPI Partnership adds 100 DCPI  trainers to our 200 in Kenya. We agreed to train and  certify them this Fall

                                      Core300-DCPI Team with 100 DCPI trainers to our 200. We begin to train and certify them this Fall                       

“Our government [funded by outside forces to direct aid away from males] has failed the man and the boy child (teen) for 20 years. Our men and the society that needs them, are unraveling. Core 300 is the only organization we can go to that helps men and has a proven solution.”

                                                        –CEO, Youth, Welfare, & Gender, Bungoma, Kenya

“The Primeval Ethnic ‘Code,’ which defines and enforces the roles of the wife and husband, is still embraced by 90% of African families. There exists an almost universal “father-wound”caused by a father’s absence, rejection, abandonment, or abuse–for a 1+ billion people in Africa. Fatherlessness–well-known for the developmental and social trauma it causes to a child’s psyche, has far-reaching social and economic consequences, and is almost universal in the north and Sub-Saharan African continent.”                                           

                                    –Art Hobba, President and Founder of Core 300

4) Partner Strategy and Logistics Development  Meeting with the Bible League,  East Africa
After 3 years of successful joint operations in the field, our new partnership agreement expanded to multiply the impact of both organizations in Kenya! BLI provides three critical ministries that complement our holistic and leadership development training in Africa.

a. We teach their Philip Course is taught to all of our trainees after the Warrior course

b. A Swahili Bible for every Graduate of both courses–in prisons and our Church Leader Conferences

c. They are certifying and supporting our 200 Coordinators as their “hands and feet” in Kenya–and we are looking to other East African countries we can partner with them in the future.

                                                                                  Did You Know?

  •          33% of ministers and 56% of inmates received Jesus for the first time in one of our 945 Warrior conferences, totaling 12,422 me 
  •            Our 10-year average investment we’ve made that transforms a man and his entire family is $10.65–which includes the $4 manual 
  •          $532.50 trains and sends 50 men back home to change the lives and future of 350 family members. He is free from primeval tribalism, ready               to love his wife and bond with his kids for the 1st time. He’s also equipped with organic farming training to triple his crops in 3 years where               they invest in their children’s education first. 50 families are transformed into non-violent, happy, and prosperous homes.
  •          98% of all training, coaching, and holistic ministry is volunteered by devoted African men and women. They need your help to do the rest