Only 1% of Kenyan church leaders owned a Bible in their own language

The  King Salmon Fahd Qur’an Printing Complex, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Several oil-rich Islamic nations to the north have–for the last 30 years–been “evangelically” giving away as many hard-bound Quran’s to 10’s of millions of Christianized families who have never held a Bible in their hands.

The other day I counted the number of Bibles in my home. Since my trade for 4 decades has been to attempt to understand and teach from it, and other biblical sources, you’d not be too surprised that I counted 15. The average in the US is 4.4 per home! We should all be thankful for this precious, often underused, resource of spiritual and mental “fuel” for our walk with Jesus.

Would you attend and trust a church leader that did not use or reference the Holy Scriptures? I know my wife and I would not. Can you help us fix a great and dangerous injustice today? Kenyans can get a King James Bible for $1.50, and a Qu’ran for FREE. But the Swahili Bible we give our students—in the language they speak and write every day– costs $10 or more.

In 2015, two years after we arrived in Bungoma, Kenya, we had trained about 2,000 ministers in Western Kenya in our Warrior course. We researched how many of these church leaders own a Swahili Bible for their devotions, discipleship, and teaching. We assumed that all had their own Bible, and that most were in English that they could read. They did not and could not.

‘Right then we decided that we must add a Swahili Bible to our Warrior Field Manual, for every attendee at every ministry conference we do. To date, and because of a few generous donors, we have placed 25,000 Swahili Bibles into the hands of as many men.”                  — Art Hobba, Founder, Core 300

The data for this “Christianized” nation was both shocking and ominous for the nation–and for the continent of Christian Africa. If Kenya–the most strategic target for Islamic corruption–falls to Sharia–so will the rest of Africa–like Dominoes

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Below-Our last load of Bibles was received in Mid October

Amidst the noise and frenzy of good-willed non-profits asking for help, consider for a moment, “Which charity will have the greatest impact for my dollar?

Our 160 trained Core 300 Coordinators across Kenya and Uganda have been ordered to stand down from our planned 35 ministers conferences this month. Why? For the 3rd time in 18 months, we do not have the funds to buy the Swahili Bibles that–along with the Warrior Workbook (cost $2 to print)–are given to every one of our graduates

If the Word of God itself warns us that we cannot survive without the Bible, re-fueling regularly–and this is echoed at every Bible-based church pulpit on Sundays–why in the world would we proceed with awakening and equipping leaders in Africa and expect it to work without each man having their own Bible as well?

 “What is this word “‘Devotion” I do not know it, asked Pastor Jacob, as the others nodded in agreement.

 The Immanent Islamic Takeover of Kenya

The indoctrination of Kenya by Moderate Islamic Strategists has risen to a full-court press–capturing most high office appointments from “Christian” candidates that exchanged votes for their souls. Today they control about 50% of Kenya’s government and closer to 80% of the culture of Kenya’s big cities. Here is where the power is–and where trends are set. Many young people who have migrated to urban areas–raised as Christians–go to work in Muslim garb–even attending daily Mosque calls to prayer. They have learned that this is where the money is–and the best jobs for their future–if Muslims think they are Muslim. Only God’s Spirit and Swahili Bibles can turn their hearts back to their roots.

                     A donor provided $1,200 for these 100 Bibles and Warrior Manuals to launch a new class in July 2021 

Plans are in place to train 500 church leaders in the next 2 weeks…and another 500 new students will be added in mid-December. Please consider providing a gift for 10, 30, 150, or more, today–and help us continue to heal and fuel the nations, one church at a time! Passionate about the power of the Bible? Make your gift monthly and help assure we don’t have to stand down again. The Bible is the greatest defense against Islam and its takeover of Africa. It’s time to go to the CORE and do this!

What do you do for your devotion time each day?,” I asked our fledgling indigenous lead team.  “What is this word “‘Devotion“‘ I do not know it, asked Pastor Jacob, as the others nodded in agreement.

I answered, “It’s our time each morning in the Scriptures–the Living, breathing Word of God–before our prayer time.”

Non-plussed, Pastor Alex said, we know fasting and prayer, and many preach with a King James Bible in hand–but we don’t understand it. None of us owns a Bible in Swahili–they are too expensive.”

There it was. Stark reality hitting us again in the face. Since they had never been taught that they NEEDED a Bible to walk as a follower of Jesus, neither could they afford one, so they didn’t use it for teaching either!

That day I decided that it was irresponsible of us to call men into a life of following Jesus, without providing each with their own Swahili Bible. Two years later when we became the rehabilitation arm of Kenya’s Ministry of Prisons, we made the same commitment to them as well. All 9,000 graduates in Phase One received Swahili New Testament Bibles through our partnership with the Bible League.

Core 300’s Indigenous Tranibng System placed into Bungoma Cty. Budget

“Core 300 is the only organization we can go to that has a proven solution for bringing men home to their families.” –   Saphia Awil, CEO of Youth, and Gender, Bungoma County
September 8, 2021 — 14

14 Juvie Youth from Brostal Prison give their life to Jesus 9/7/2021     


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