The next day, Core 300 Coordinators Barack and Alex returned to cure Anna, her little sister Mary, and her 2-year-old brother Sam, plus others who were turned away the day before. Our men followed them home, met with and trained their parents, and sprayed in and around their homes. Continuing on to their Catholic primary school, they educated the teachers–mostly Nuns–and Principal, whose smiles and wet eyes greeted them.

That day Core 300’s Holistic Ministry began–even as we continued our calling to train men everywhere–from Bishops to Inmates–on the life of Gideon–his transforming encounter with God, and his courageous break from misogynistic and hate-filled Tribalism. Other ministries followed, training over 4,000 pastors and 7,000 inmates have been trained on hygiene, healthcare, nutrition, and 21st-century farming. Hundreds of others learned new trades, opening businesses in the marketplace. And they are training others. . .

Since then, we have returned to back-bush villages over and over, curing over 5,000 children and indigent elderly from Jiggers. Every month, a team of our Coordinators is tasked to return to unserved regions of Kenyan villages. No longer on foot, our men take our MotorWings Honda’s to cure more–loaded up with razors,  chemicals, salve, and new shoes. 

Join us we kneel in the mud before children and adults alike–washing their dirt and sore-encrusted feet–then scrubbing, cutting, and the removal of scores of nests of Jiggers. 

YOU can give or raise the funds at your church, team or small group to send out men, buy chemicals, bandages, and shoes, and heal children at our clinics. We will buy and bring the supplies . . . and we can train the parents, Pastors, Nuns, Priests, and primary school teachers alongside us, to administer the cure. We’ll be the hands-on healers–and you can bring the whole clinic to them that brings the cure!   


The cost? $5.00 per child.  Will you sacrifice $15 to cure 3? How about $40 every month to cure 96/year? $500 heals 100. Partner monthly with us! What joy we see! Only you can send us out as healers and heal what Jesus called “the least of these”

Anna, left front, stands with her sister Mary and little 2-year-old brother, Sam. The girls show off their school dresses and healed feet. They can run and play again! 


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