Hot, moist weather combined with deep poverty, and unavailable healthcare, incubate the tragic killers of Malaria, Cholera, and Dysentery (polluted water), and Yellow Fever.

But an unknown, more sinister, disabling, and longer-lasting predator has crippled 2.4 million children—and banished them from the classroom–in Kenya alone.  The abiding, relentless, but preventable plague of Jigger parasites hunts for the soft thin skin of their host found in young children and indigent elderly. Their bite is unfelt–a tiny needle-like proboscis pierces through their host’s thin skin. Beyond, the nutrient-rich dermis is where one female Jigger lays her eggs by the hundreds. Soon other females follow. .
 The Jigger (lt.) spends 2/5 of his life inside its Host 
A Fall day’s drizzle fell like a bridal veil over turbulent, gray clouds in 2017, when one of our Kenyan Co-founders, Pastor Barack Nyongesa, heard God’s voice of awakening him to his heartbreak for the millions of tragic hopeless lives of the Jigger infested child and their mother.
Barack was remembering his own never-ending nightmare of being covered with Jigger nests as a young boy, and the callousness of so many adults who just walked on by. Walking with his friend Alex, laden down with training manuals and Bibles bound for training 75 church leaders in our Warrior Course they would lead the next day.
Through the narrow, well-trodden paths between forests and villages in the Bush country, he saw several uncovered children scattered across the open dirt of their primitive village. And they walked on.
Minutes later, the pair passed by another village with a dozen more–also victimized by Jigger parasites
“Another Jigger plague destroys another village,” he said sadly to Alex, knowing some of these kids would die.Conditioned much like many Americans are when we see the tents of the homeless along the street, Barack was stepping over another unheard and unseen child–as he always had done. It was then, that the Voice of God’s Spirit spoke to him, saying,

“Son, never leave these children behind–without planning  to return and cure them.



  1. Adopt a whole clinic of 120 for $720
  2. Cleanse and cure 10 victims for $60–or 5 for $30
  3. Give $60 a month (check the box) and cure 120 in 12 months!

OUR NEED: We are trying to do 2 more clinics before Christmas–giving 240 Children the ability to run again! Our Holistic Helps Team in Kenya is inviting you to GO with them next week! No need to hike through the equatorial jungle. You can GO to the Bushland villages of Kenya tomorrow and pray.
  • Since prayers know no boundary, we can GO in prayers of healing, provision, and comfort.
  • As 5-6 of our trained men drop to their knees in the mud and wash, looking into the tear-stained eyes of an anxious child, we can drop to our knees in prayer and be there too. 
  • As their rescuer begins to cut away each one of the nests packed with Jigger larvae, his presence is there–because of you–as are all of the supplies that guarantee the child’s restoration.
  • We Americans can GO today by donating and compassionate

I’m praying that our Father in Heaven will stir you to do the unusual.Our next Jigger clinic is at Mt. Elgon Primary School (K-5) and they have selected their 120 Students that can’t walk to school.

  The following week we will be in Busia County doing the same. You can Go online now and donate to directly heal 1 to 240 children!

BELOW: A 9-year-old girl’s feet and hands (below). She will soon lose her                                                                                                                                        toes and fingers–are they worth $6?

                                                                                                                                                             THE STORY CONTINUES . . .

Hatching as larvae, the Jiggers begin to feed upon the child’s blood, sapping strength even as the larvae grow. A host can carry dozens of nests–starting with their feet. The crippling drives them to the ground where other Jiggers join the feast infecting knees, hands, and private parts–all the while itching relentlessly. Most fathers abandon the home with Jiggers. Village people call the children “cursed!” by God, and the children stop attending school–sometimes for years.

Mothers do most of the work on their small farms in order to feed their children. But, often with 2 or 3 of their kids infected at the same time, there is no rest or relief for her, as their child’s weeping carries on through the night. They have to be hand fed–and have their privates wiped by their mom. Soon, she stops farming–weakened by sleeplessness, hunger, and tears, she becomes depressed–unable to bring comfort, unseen and unheard—and with none to comfort her.

Core 300 International authorized the creation of a mobile Jiggers Response Clinic–where we would send teams into the primitive Bush. Like Jesus, we wold go to them, for they could not come-  We began to research—learning
the best sanitation and medical intervention techniques, surgical tools, medicines, and ambulatory home care processes We partnered with the PA-Founder of  Hope Matters Hospital to validate our approach, and they did! Next they will be helping us train our new Coordinators. We also searched for possible partners working in this field, but found no legitimate organization in Kenya to partner with, so we took our services to a Principal of a local public primary school and offered our help..

His response was overwhelming! Immediately he found an outdoor clinic site on school property with access to water, and we were able to love, comfort, and cure 78 children the first day!. We saw a dozen exhausted uninvited mothers from beyond the district bring their babies with preschoolers in tow needing to be cured.  We ran out of supplies by 2 PM but returned the next day to finish. We learned that some schools in Kenya have over

Then Barack’s phone began to ring: Primary and secondary school principals were begging us to come and help their absentee students. Some had gotten their 1st Jigger bite sitting at their desk! We knew we had to incorporate insecticide spraying of huts and schools to remove the risk of re-infection. We found places closer to the villages—and always more came than we had imagined.

The 7 Realities that Impact Kenyan Families

Fact 1 – 7 out of 10 Kenyan families are bereft of a father today–the largest ratio of single mom-led homes in the world
Fact 2 – 68% of Kenya’s population of 52 million live on small subsistence rural farms with depleted soils–and live one planting season away from famine and death
Fact 3 – Once Jiggers takes a member or two of the family, without your or my intervention, that family falls into famine-often leading to death
Fact 4 – Due to government corruption and baseline bankruptcy, the Ministry of Health has chosen to produce 1-2 TV- ready videos of a Jigger clinic in a nearby city as PR-propaganda of their “heroic work”  against Jiggers instead of addressing this catastrophic plague.
Fact 5 – Since 2004, outside NGO’s have taken the bait of this fake news, and in their “Western wisdom” have spent close to 700 million to fund women and girls programs that forbid any spending on males over 3 years old.   More than any single factor, stupid benevolence has driven men away from their families and boys away from their right to education.
Fact 6 – Over 130 schools are on our list, hoping for us to come. Our training is done, and 160 Coordinators and others are standing by for the money to come from you, your family–your church or sports team in the USA. Our hope is to raise awareness and funding to fix this very fixable problem. Are you able to help us cure 8,000 ($48,000) more in 2022? Or 25,000 ($150,000) by 2026?
Fact 7
 – However, the tide has begun to change. The Kenyan government has hired us this Fall in Bungoma County, to invest in their 900,000 destitute and long-ignored male citizens

We have the trained and willing volunteer manpower, but we do not have the fuel of expenses to GO . . .

“We have failed the men and boys in our nation. You (Core 300) are the only successful program in our nation that lifts up and empowers men to be men–giving hope to boys who now drop out of school by the 5th grade.”

    – Saphia Awil, JD, CEO of Gender, Youth, and Welfare, Bungoma County

In the last 4 years, we have done our best—only limited by donor funding—and have cured over 8,000 children, thereby breaking the famine cycle–lifting as many families out of poverty and famine. Yet, over 2 million children and their families still suffer right now. Over 100 schools are on our list, waiting for us to come. Our training is done, and 160 Coordinators and others are standing by for the money to come from you, your family, and your church or sports team in the USA.. “GO” with us to these villages–GO by Giving—each month. a massive opportunity to kneel before these little ones and wash their earth-packed feet, scabbed-over and swollen. feet remove these nests bring healing to these poor rural communities. 160 Coordinators have been certified, and teams of 5-7 are motorcycled in supplies, and medicine to set up Pop-up Jigger Clinic in primitive rural areas near a collaborative Primary school, and cured over 8,000 victims taken down by Jiggers. Using our 7 Stage process– from foot scrubbing to putting on new socks and shoes!

Mom’s and their healing children returned home with hope, to be greeted by our pesticide and training volunteers who train teens, parents, and grandparents how shoes and hygiene prevent the Jiggers from coming back.  In addition, the inside and outside of parasite-riddled huts and schools and play yards have been sprayed to eliminate the Jigger threat. Our return visits have shown that 18 months later, these little ones remain in School and are 80% Jigger free!



  • Adopt a whole clinic of 120 for $720
  • Cleanse and Cure 10 victims for $60             
  • Cure 5 for $30
  • OR–Give $60 per month (check the box) and Cure 120 in 12 months!  

Wanna get away with us on our next trip to Kenya – April 2022? Email us here


So Others May Live!!

Art Hobba, President                    jiggers@core