21st Century Farming

Since 2017, our 21st Century Farming courses, developed by Barack, one of our Kenyan Directors, has been taught and demonstrated to over 15,000 inmates and Christian leaders over the last 3 years. Typically it is our follow-on to our Warrior conference. Why is this important? Because 80-95% of all farms in Sub-Saharan Africa–called “smallholder” farms–feed about the same percentage of families on a daily basis. High survival rates and larger families (5 children per female) leave the father’s estate inheritance to an average of 2.5 sons per generation. Each successive generation has to divide the patriarch’s farm by 2.5–leaving smaller and smaller plots of land per young son as he begins his family.

These farms are small–ranging between 1 to 3 acres in Kenya and 2-4 in Eastern Uganda. Decade after decade, billions of dollars in farm-aid are invested–along with local government–by Farm Bureaus, UK and US Farm-Aid, and other NGO’s, but it rarely reaches this broadest of levels of the population living in subsistence with failing farms. This is how 80% of the population of East Africa lives today

The second problem is their farming techniques are prehistoric. At present, the yield per acre has dropped by over 50% or more in the last 20 years, and as each household’s plots get smaller, harvests diminish further. After decades of government corruption that siphons off 90% promised aid, and centuries of colonial abuse, they don’t trust and won’t listen. The tribal mindset, passed down for millennia, has leeched and killed the soil.  This problem grows worse every year, and there was–until recently–no solution in sight.

The awakening began when our indigenous Coordinators, by the Holy Spirit found breakthrough through th Warrior course, which begins with the tribal story of Gideon–who–with God’s partnership–overcame famine, shame, and fear to become a Mighty Warrior! The Divine in-breaking of the Sword of the Sprit opens them up to embrace our new no-cost model for farming, and we are consistently seeing a return to fruitfullness in as quickly as 6 months–and averaging 6X yields after 3 years.

Our approach is to first bring the Warrior course–which awakens, breaks irrational and regressive tribal chains through the story of Gideon–a tribal farmer from 1100 BC, and sees God empower them with his Spirit. Later, after the conference or when we return, we bring our 21st Century Farming training practices to these farmers in Kenya and Uganda. Their yield rises even while they heal their previous barren soils. For most, abject poverty is over.

“For most of our course-graduates, abject poverty is over after 1- 2 seasons. Children now go to school because tuition paid, and they take the excess crops to market to sell. Some have already achieved their ultimate dream, by sending their eldest to university”                                                                                                                                                                                –Rev. Wycliffe Mudavadi, Director, Core 300


Modern Organic Farming techniques
  • 7,000 of those trained are inmates–yearning–with fresh hope–to go home 
  • In subsequent visits we teach them how to make their own fertilizer
  • After one year (2-3 harvests) the average crop yield increased by 200%
  • After year two, crop yields increased between 200-400%
  • After years three and four, Yields increased 400-600%
  • For most, abject Poverty is over. Children now go to school, tuition paid, and they take the excess crops to market
  • About $1 million in community wealth has been generated from Core 300’s Modern Farming initiative in the region.
We make house calls!

Core 300’s team of 190 indigenous Pastor-Coordinators go long distances into the bushlands to train men in the Warrior, the Priest, Modern Farming, set-up pop-up Jigger Clinics, and disease prevention. They also continue to expand the learning curve of some 16,000 men who have found hope, farm security, and masculine dignity as successful breadwinners and providers of their wives and children.

GO with US!

Will you “GO with US” today by helping us provide a bridge for newly trained farmers’ families to eat for 6 months?  Maybe stay tuned for our agenda to join us in 2022 to come and see? Your gift of $75 will go to support our Sanctuary Churches role in providing a “soft landing” for men who have served their sentence and are excited to begin their family’s road to recovery. Your gift also provides enough fertilizer and fertile seeds for a full season of planting one acre.
Make it monthly, and you can bridge 12 families into their new life? With more ex-cons being released and reunited with their families, they need a buffer to begin their new life as well. Click here to give.


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